Caption the Meme

Mar 11, 2016 11:25:00 AM / by AccuQuilt posted in accuquilt, AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters, caption this, fabric, memes, quilt, quilter, Quilting, Uncategorized


Meme's are perfectly serious pictures with funny captions that have taken the internet by storm.  The captions are so unexpected that they make all of us laugh and share with our friends. You can see some of our favorites above.

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Memes for Youyous

Feb 8, 2016 12:40:00 PM / by Suzan Ellis posted in accuquilt, fabric lovers, memes, quilters, sewers, Uncategorized


You've probably seen and enjoyed them, pictures with clever captions that cause humorous reactions ranging from silent grins to laugh-out-loud guffaws. They are shared all over the internet and particularly on Facebook. No matter the cause, hobby, or interest, there is likely a picture with a commentary to make you smile on the internet somewhere. Rest assured, there are plenty of pictures for quilters, sewers and fabric lovers.

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