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Have you been to an educator-led AccuQuilt event? While it is certainly a great way to learn about AccuQuilt products, it's also just a good excuse to sit in a room full of quilters who love sharing ideas with one another. Quilting is all about community after all. Unfortunately, when it became clear that for the foreseeable future, we wouldn't be able to hold in-person events, we knew we had to come up with a solution. Read how our team "Fixed Problems Fast" to help our customers and retailers still get the event they deserved!


Experience AccuQuilt, the Virtual Way

Just like nearly everyone else in the world, our team quickly got familiar with virtual tools. We translated all our events into a digital platform and started working with our quilt shops to get the new, virtual educator-led events ready for attendees.




If you have ever had the chance to watch our Facebook Live videos, you have probably been introduced to the AccuQuilt 'Dream Studio'. Located in our offices in Omaha, Nebraska, the Dream Studio is our sewing central and also where almost all our videos are filmed. It was the perfect place for us to host our virtual events. Each event involves two AccuQuilt team members – the presenter and the moderator.


The moderator helps with answering questions, monitoring comments, helping with tech issues and just being a support for everyone. Following each event, attendees are given the chance to order products from the hosting quilt shop, which is an amazing and safe way to support local now when it's needed most.


We have some local educators who can help lead each show!

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But, we also have eight educators all over the country who are setting up in their own homes, bringing AccuQuilt tips from their house to yours. This is Educator Barbara Harper's set up in her own studio.

BTS-Barbara Studio with camera


Why this Matters So Much Right Now

We're living in strange times and we can't lose sight of the other side of this situation. Many of us are homebound, feeling isolated and cut off from those we love. Quilting is a way to help ease that pain, but it cannot account for the connections we feel when we're sitting alongside our friends, family and peers. And while we're at home, small businesses that depend on customers are also feeling loss.


So while AccuQuilt created and distributed face mask patterns, designed face mask cutting dies alongside local healthcare facilities, produced those dies for our customers, partnered with to help support as many communities as we could and ensured proceeds of our die sales went to No Kid Hungry to further our giving back initiatives, the events team organized another effort to keep the AccuQuilt community GO!ing.


We knew this would come with a few challenges, but there was a chance we would learn a few new things too. If we tried, we could come out of this stronger, more creative and better prepared to help our customers and quilt shops. Take a look at what they have to say:


Thank you very much for allowing us to do this event. This was amazing (especially given the situation). Many customers have said thank you to our shop and to AccuQuilt.

We as many of your shops have been closed to the public. My husband I have continued to work (repair and some curbside orders).

We do not sell online so this was a huge help for us...we have been paying our employees and this really helped us out!

I pray you and your staff to stay healthy and please tell them all thank you again!

Take care!
Edwards Sewing Center


Our ladies were so happy to be together even if we were all in our own sewing rooms.  Jeannie did a great job presenting and kept the flow of the program on task. [...]

We could not have been more pleased with the enthusiasm this program generated for our store. We jumped on board for the virtual program and it was a huge success. [...]

Thank you for all that you and your staff do for us. We love AccuQuilt!

Nan Wakefield

The Inspired Sewist


Want to Attend?

Do you want to join a virtual AccuQuilt event? Take a moment to look into AccuQuilt retailers in your area. If they are open or have limited services available, give them a call to see if they have one scheduled and see how you can join. 


Please Note: You will need access to internet and a computer or mobile device to access our virtual events.


If you can't make it to one of our events, you should join our weekly Facebook Live, held every Wednesday at 12 pm Central Time. Read this to make sure you don't miss the next one and check out all our past Live videos here


A Look Behind the Scenes

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BTS-Beyond the Basics


Be Inspired. Get Involved. Stay Connected. Flatten the Curve.

At AccuQuilt, we have made it our goal to help you be inspired, get involved and stay connected. We're calling it Quilting Under Quarantine and we're inviting you to join in while you're doing everything you can to keep your family and yourself safe. Share with us what you're working on Facebook and Instagram with the #QuarantineQuilting hashtag.


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