Quilting Under Quarantine: Things to Add to Your To-Do List

Apr 2, 2020 9:26:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

The world is a little different right now, but we're in this together. In keeping with our promise to help you be inspired, get involved and stay connected, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways to do all three. Did we miss something you're using while quilting under quarantine? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram with the #QuarantineQuilting hashtag.


Practice a Quilting or Sewing Skill

Do you always nail the perfect ¼" seam allowance or have you always wanted to give curved piecing a try? Maybe it's time you finally nail bias binding or branch out to a completely different type of sewing or craft. Don't hold back your creativity both in what you're doing and the medium by which you do it. In fact, there are still many resources for notions and tools, even if you can't go to your local quilt shop or craft store. Many businesses are turning to no contact delivery, curbside pick up or online orders to ensure you keep doing what you love while being safe. 



Customize a New Pattern Design

If you aren't using GO! Quilt, you're missing out on an amazing resource! The always growing pattern library is now at over 900 project options, all of which are AccuQuilt-friendly. Test color placement and fabric choice while scoping out a new pattern. Cleaning up your space? GO! Quilt can help you digitally organize and manage your fabric stash, too!

GO Quilt Pattern customizer with open digital fabric stash box screenshot


Host a Virtual Quilt Gathering

Keeping yourself away from the friends and family you love is difficult but there is technology to help make it a bit easier. Among copious video calls, consider hosting a video meet up with your quilting friends and/or groups. Now more than ever, clubs and shops are welcoming apps and websites that make video meetings simple. Below is a quick list of reasons to call your favorite people together as well as a list of tools you can use! Do note, your computer will need a built-in or web camera in order to use video.


Excuses for a Quilting-themed Meeting

  • Virtual Show and Tell: Everyone talk about their latest finished projects as well as WIPs and what's under their needle.
  • Quilt Club: Instead of a book club, choose a quilt along or pattern that you and your friends can try together. Share advice and talk about color placement with others who love that sort of thing.
  • Quilt Class: Is there someone in your life who has been wanting to pick up quilting? Many people are spending their time indoors trying new hobbies and past times, so now would be the perfect opportunity to get together (digitally) and share your wisdom with another budding quilter.


Apps and Tools Good for Social Distancing

  • FaceTime: All participants will need an apple ID and iPhone or Mac computer/laptop to use FaceTime.
  • Facebook MessengerYou and those you would like to meet with will need a Facebook account to use this tool, but once you're all signed up, you can create a group message with all the people in your quilting group.
  • Zoom: Only one person needs to sign up to host a video meeting. 
  • Skype: You will have to download the app onto your phone or computer but all you need is an email to sign up.


Add New Sounds to Your Sewing Room

From listening to talk radio to catching up on the latest Netflix series, all quilters and sewists have rituals and habits for their sewing time. Have you considered trying podcasts? There are podcasts about every subject you can think of, including quilting and sewing, and the great part is that you'll probably learn something new as well as feel like you made new quilting friends. Here are some of our favorites:


Just Wanna Quilt

National Quilter’s Circle Podcast

Quilt & Tell: A Quilting Daily

American Patchwork & Quilting

What's On Your To-Do List?

There is one bright spot in having to spend our time at home: we're where all our sewing takes place. What are you working on while you're #QuarantineQuilting


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