Exploring a Traditional Pattern: Tree of Life Quilt

Apr 22, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Amanda Harward

Hi! My name is Amanda Harward, and I love vintage quilt patterns. I saw the Tree of Life quilt block and wondered if I could make something similar with AccuQuilt's GO! Qube Mix & Match Block system. Most of my quilting projects start out with “I wonder if_______would work?” I'm excited to say that the pieces needed to make this traditional pattern can be cut using my GO! fabric cutter.


Tree of Life Block: Measures to 14" x 14"

Star Blocks: I used the
GO! LeMoyne Star-9" Finished Die and then used strips of green to frame the blocks so they measured 14".

Tree of Life - final



I chose to use two colors, but you could also do it scrappy or with colors matching the different seasons.

  • 4-1/2 yards of Kona-Sweet Pea
  • 2-1/2-yards of -Kona-Bone
  • 1-yard brown batik- for border


Dies Needed:



Background: Kona-Sweet Pea


Rotary Cut Setting triangles for 14” finished blocks, and corner setting triangles

21” square                                             10” square



Cream - Kona-Bone


Tree of Life Block Assembly

Tree of Life Block

Section A

section a


Start by sewing six green/cream HST’s together. Next, make rows leaving a cream HST on the end of the rows. Sew rows together as shown. Finish section by sewing a 6” finished HST to the left side of the section. Make twelve of section A.


Section B

section b


Start by sewing six green/cream HST’s together, sew into rows with three green 2” finished squares as shown. Make twelve of section B.


Section C

section c


Sew six green/cream HST’s together. Next, make columns. Place a cream HST on the end of each of the columns. Columns are sewn together as shown. Finish the section by sewing a green 6” finished HST to the lower right side of section. Make twelve of section C.


Section D (Trunk)

section trunk


Start with two green 4” finished squares and two cream 2” finished HSTs. Use the triangles to “snowball” one of the corners of the green squares as shown.

section snowball


Sew one green and one cream 4” finished HST together. Combine the two “snowballed squares”, one green and cream HST block, and one cream square together to make a four patch as shown to make section D. Make twelve of section D.


Sew together all four sections to make a Tree of Life block. Make twelve Tree of Life Blocks.


Tree of Life - Block


LeMoyne Stary Block Assembly

Piece together the LeMoyne Star block following the directions that come with the die. Using the 3” x 12” rectangles frame the LeMoyne Star using partial seams at the corners where the next piece will be added. Finished block should measure 14”. Make six LeMoyne Star blocks.



Finishing the Quilt Pattern

Place blocks on point and sew into diagonal rows starting and ending with setting triangles. Sew corner setting triangles at the corners. I added a 4” finished border to tie everything together.

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Amanda Harward

Written by Amanda Harward

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