10 Travel Kit Items You Want for English Paper Piecing on the GO!

Sep 24, 2020 8:40:37 AM / by Erica Bottger

English Paper Piecing (or EPP) is a great technique for quilters on the go. Everything that you need can be stored in a small container that’s ready to slip into a purse or bag and head out the door with you, ready for those times that you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands. It’s perfect for travel, doctor’s offices, sporting events or waiting in the carpool lane for school pick-up time!


10 Things for Your EPP Travel Kit

Here’s a list of the top 10 things you need to take your EPP with you wherever you go.


A Bag to Hold Everything

First, let’s start with a bag to hold everything. Clear plastic zipper bags are great for carrying your EPP. Clear means that you can find what you need easily with a minimum of digging around. When on the move, it’s not always convenient to dump the contents of an entire bag out just to find the one clip at the bottom of the bag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, simple plastic sandwich bags will work just fine, especially when you are just starting out. If you find yourself traveling or using your kit a lot, something a little sturdier may be a better choice.


The GO! Me Tote Bag pattern (PQ11766) makes a tote that includes pockets and fits the GO! Me Fabric cutter.

PQ11766-GO! Me Tote Bag_lifestyle_HQ



Scissors are a must. Depending on where you are going, blunt end scissors or ones with a protective case are your safest options. Be sure to check airline restrictions before you head to the airport with your favorite embroidery scissors!


Dental Floss

Dental Floss is your friend for travel. Why? Well if you are getting on a plane, your scissors may not get through security, but dental floss will and the little cutter on the package will work perfectly on your thread as well!


Extra Needle and a Needle Case or Book

Yes, more than 1, just in case. You don’t want to lose your one and only needle before you have a chance to get started. Be sure to carry them in a needle case or needle book for safety!


Extra Pins 

Depending on your preferred basting method, you may want to have a few pins with you to hold your pieces together. If you are using the GO! Qube English Paper Piecing 1” sides, the template die will cut a circle in the center to make this step easy. Be sure to keep your pins safe along with your needles.


Glue Stick

If you are a fan of glue basting, be sure to have your water soluable glue stick with you – and a refill, too!

42a_AccuQuilt_2020 pg20



Be sure to cover your options here, with an assortment of colors to choose from depending on the fabrics that you are working with. Rather than carrying large spools around, think about winding a few bobbins to save space.


Clips or Paper Clips

I love using clips to hold my pieces together. It helps me loosen my grip and saves hand and arm strain. Keep a few in the bottom of your bag, maybe clipped to some spare templates.


Precut Paper Templates

Speaking of templates, be sure to pack your paper templates for basting work. If you are working with the GO! Qube English Paper Piecing – 1” finished sides, you can cut your own in no time. With 4 different shapes to choose from, you can give yourself plenty of design options. Consider using small tin boxes to keep your templates from getting bent in the bottom of your bag.


Precut Fabrics

Fabric is a must! If you’ve used GO! dies you are already done cutting and ready to hit the open road.

01b_AccuQuilt_2020 PG46


There you have it, the basics for taking your EPP on the road with you. You may find that you have some other items that you can’t live without, like a favorite thimble. We’d love to hear about your EPP travel kits!



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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger