All Kinds of Possibilities with the GO! Wedge Die

Jun 6, 2014 5:35:12 AM / by spotlight

The GO! Wedge die is a piecer's dream. This die offers a fun alternative to simple square patchwork. Today we're going to look at how you can strip piece and sub-cut shapes with the GO! Wedge die to add even more interest to your next project, which could be this great fast and easy GO! Cerulean Wedge Quilt Pattern!


To start, cut 3 1/2" strips with your GO! Strip Cutter 3 1/2" die.


GO! Wedge


Sew the strips together and iron your seams.


GO! Wedge


Head back to your GO! and grab the GO! Wedge die. The GO! Wedge die is compatible with the GO!, GO! Baby, or Studio fabric cutter. When using GO! dies with the Studio fabric cutter, you'll also need the GO! die adapter.


GO! Wedge


Take your strip pieced fabric and place on the die. The wedge shape is positioned at an angle on the die board, make sure your fabric is positioned on the die board at the same angle as the wedge shape.


GO! Wedge


To fan fold, just fold the fabric back and forth across the die making sure you've covered the die blades.


GO! Wedge


Place the cutting mat over the die...


GO! Wedge


Roll additional fabric on the side of the die to roll through the cutter.


GO! Wedge


Slide the cutting mat off the die.


GO! Wedge


Voila! You've cut striped wedge shapes!


GO! Wedge


Download the GO! Cerulean Wedge pattern today to make your next GO! Wedge quilt.


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Written by spotlight

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