DIY Felt Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Apr 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Elizabeth Evans

Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Company and I am here with a fun and simple tutorial for prom or wedding season that is coming up fast!

When I got married I was all about DIY'ing a lot of projects for the wedding and I LOVE that it is such a trend right now. It is so cost-effective and I love the crafting part of it. And with this easy tutorial you will be able to make your own DIY Felt Flower Bouquet as well as DIY Boutonnieres for the groomsman in an upcoming wedding.


DIY Felt Bouquet


And if you aren't on the wedding train right now, be sure to pin it to Pinterest to remember for when you are. These bouquets are fun to make and the best part about it was---I spent less that $10 in felt and floral wire to make it and you don't even have to sew them (hot glue is your friend)! So....let's get started!  Here's what you will need to make one too.....Materials: *4 AccuQuilt Felt Flowers (using the GO! Round Flower die) for each main flower in your bouquet (I used a total of 36 felt flowers) *7-8 leaves (from the GO! Round Flower die) for the surrounding bouquet *9 floral stems *.25 strips of green for wrapping the bouquet

PicTapGo-Image (39)

Step 1: Cut out all of your AccuQuilt Flowers.

PicTapGo-Image (56)


Step 2: Cut a small slit in between each petal, being careful not to cut through the center.


PicTapGo-Image (55)


Step 3: Put a small dab of hot glue in the center of the flower.


PicTapGo-Image (54)

Step 4: Fold the flower in half so the glue holds it in place.

PicTapGo-Image (53)

Step 5: Put a small dab of glue in center and fold flower into half again. Glue in place.

PicTapGo-Image (51)

Step 6: Glue each of the flowers around a piece of floral wire.

PicTapGo-Image (50)

Step 7: Add leaves and then repeat for 8 more flowers.

PicTapGo-Image (48)

Step 9: Assemble all of your flowers in an arrangement and then secure in place with another piece of floral wire.

PicTapGo-Image (47)

Step 10: Add more leaves and then wrap the stems with the .25 strips of green felt.

PicTapGo-Image (46)

And if you would like the tutorial for the DIY FELT BOUTONNIERE, you can click HERE to get the full instructions of how you can make that too!

felt bouquet 3

Hope you all enjoy crafting a few of these bouquets!


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