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Jan 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Gina Gempesaw

Hi, fellow GO! Getters! It's Gina from Gem Hill Quilts. I recently received the fabulous GO! Qube 8” Mix and Match Quilt Block and immediately set out to use it.


However, this quickly became a problem since project ideas just kept coming! I couldn't decide which one to make first! Then, I got my inspiration from a somewhat unexpected source.

I spent this past weekend with friends at a quilting retreat.



We sewed A LOT, ate too much, laughed until our sides ached, stayed up too late (or too early, depending on how you look at it), and did it all over again with the occasional break to go visit the local fabric store. It was wonderful! But, as great as this particular retreat was, it was also poignant for we had just lost one of our own to an unexpectedly short and sudden battle with cancer. Now, it seems vitally important to share how much we treasure these friendships with our sisters of the heart.

So, to our dear friend, Sue, who surely must be quilting away in heaven, and the rest of those who are Sleepless in Stitches, the following project, Sweet Hearts, is dedicated to you for your unconditional love, support and friendship.



One awesome feature of the GO! Qube is that regardless of which size you get (6”, 8”, 9” or 12”), you can make these projects as long as you cut the shape number indicated! Your quilt will turn out smaller or larger depending on the size GO! Qube you have. For this project, the following shows your finished sizes:



I chose a monochromatic color scheme, picking fabrics in varying shades of Pink. The White print for the background has the cutest little pink hearts!



The first thing to do is to lay out the pieces needed to make 1 Heart Block. These include 3 Shape 2 Dark Pink Squares, 4 Shape 5 Dark Pink Triangles, 3 Shape 2 Medium Pink Squares, 4 Shape 5 Medium Pink Triangles, 1 Shape 5 Pink Triangle, 5 Shape 5 White Triangles, 1 Shape 3 White Triangle and 1 Shape 4 White Triangle.



Sew the pieces in Row 1 together. Then, sew the pieces in Row 2 together. These two rows can be sewn together to make the top half of the block.



For the bottom left corner of the block, sew the pieces as shown.



Do the same for the bottom right corner of the block.



Sew the block together. Make 4 Heart Blocks.



Layout 2 Shape 5 White Triangles, 3 Shape 4 White Triangles and 4 Shape 4 Light Pink Triangles to make a Side Border. Sew together. Make two Side Border strips.



Here's a tip: For all these Border Strips, the pieces match easier and better if you start from one end of the row. For example, for the Side Border, start by sewing a Shape 5 White Triangle with a Shape 4 Light Pink Triangle and proceed from there.

Layout 2 Shape 5 Light Pink Triangles, 5 Shape 4 White Triangles and 4 Shape 4 Light Pink Triangles to make a Top Border. Sew together. Make a second Border strip for the bottom.



Layout the 4 Heart Blocks and the Border strips. Sew the Heart Blocks together, add Side Borders and finally, add the Top and Bottom Borders.



With backing and batting, create a quilt sandwich to make it ready for quilting. I stitched in the ditch around the heart shapes and the Light Pink patches. I also free motion quilted a small loopy meandering on the white background and a freeform heart shape on each heart.



Finish the quilt with a dark pink binding and it is done!  Don't forget the label!  I think this quilt would look quite lovely as a table center mat though it can also be hung on the wall.

While making this quilt, variations kept popping into my head! For one, the heart blocks can be scrappy, making each block from a different pair of fabrics. Or how about making a bigger quilt? Check out this 62” square Lap Quilt I drew up in EQ7 (my favorite quilt design software!).



And, here is one more version of the Heart Block – this time in purple! I simplified it by placing a Shape 3 White Background in the lower left corner of the block and losing the secondary pinwheel design by doing so.



While I started to make this quilt with my friends in mind, a Heart Block Quilt can be made for so many other reasons – to spice up that special Valentine's Day dinner, to surprise your much loved grandchild, to honor a war veteran or a returning soldier, etc. The list of reasons to show love goes on and on.

So, don't hesitate - make your own version of Sweet Hearts today!

Come and visit my site to see some of my other projects including several made with the GO! Fabric Cutter.



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Gina Gempesaw

Written by Gina Gempesaw

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