GO! Strip Cutter Dies

Feb 9, 2015 4:31:37 PM / by AccuQuilt

Do you know how many amazing projects you can make with the GO! Strip Cutter dies? We have 16 of these dies that you can use to create a wide variety of beautiful projects. The GO! Strip Cutters with Angled Guide Lines are especially nice since the angled guide lines are printed right on the die foam for you. Yep, this means the 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree angles are already pre-printed on these strip cutters. With the angled guidelines you can sub-cut your strips into squares, triangles, and diamonds. Talk about versatile!

See for yourself how great it is to have the angled guidelines and watch the video below. It's so easy to create new, interesting and captivating projects with the GO! Strip Cutter dies.



Get the GO! Stripe Power Quilt pattern featured above here.


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Written by AccuQuilt

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