Lessons with Eleanor Burns

Jun 3, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns' first book was Quilt in a Day - Log Cabin Pattern (1978), and the Log Cabin is still one of her favorite quilts today. She is sharing tips and some insight about the amazing Log Cabin quilt that we all love for its tradition and for the layout variety it offers.

Eleanor loves the Log Cabin story. The red center represents the cabin, the fire, or chimney. The light side is considered the sun that's coming into the front of the cabin, and then the dark side is the shadow that's behind the log cabin. It's certainly a great way to think about this traditional quilt, and keeping this story in mind will help you to remember the layout.

Eleanor's Log Cabin Tips

  • Use your fabric scraps to come up with an even more fun design.
  • If 12" blocks are too big for you, simply cover half the Block-on-Board (BOB) GO! Log Cabin 12" Finished Square by Leslie Main die (which is already divided down the middle) to make 8" blocks.
  • To keep the quilt traditional, make sure to always use a 1 1/2" red center.
  • After cutting your fabric, line up your light colors along the red center and then your dark colors to make for easy assembly-line sewing.

With the GO! Log Cabin die and many other GO! BOB dies, you can make a wide variety of quilts with drastically different configurations. Additionally, Eleanor's first book, Quilt in a Day - Log Cabin Pattern, still has the best selection of layouts for the Log Cabin quilt.

See Eleanor in action below as she shares her love for this traditional quilt, and be sure to check out more GO! BOB dies on our website!



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