Quick and Easy Table Placemats for the Holidays

Nov 11, 2015 9:00:26 AM / by Erin Harris

Erin Harris here from House on Hill Road with a fast sew for you today. These cute flying geese table placemats are a great way to dress up your holiday table. Sets of four or six also make a beautiful handmade gift for someone on your list!

flying geese placemat 9


For each 12 1/2'' x 18 1/2'' placemat, you will need:

GO! Flying Geese - 3 1/2'' x 6 1/2'' (3'' x 6'' Finished) (55456)

GO! Square - 6 1/2'' (6" Finished) (55000)

6 printed fabrics for the geese (approximately 4" x 7" each)

1 fat quarter for the background fabric, cut into (1) 7" x 20" strip and (2) 4" x 20" strips

Backing fabric (14" x 20")

Batting scrap (14" x 20")

Binding fabric (2 strips 2 1/4'' x width of fabric)


flying geese placemat 2


1. Using the GO! Flying Geese die, cut 6 large triangles from the printed fabrics.


flying geese placemat 3


2. Fan fold the smaller strips of background fabric over the smaller triangles on the flying geese die so there are 6 layers. Run the die through the cutter, yielding 12 half triangles.


flying geese placemat 5


3. Sew one half square triangle to the diagonal edge of each of the six larger triangles. Press the seams towards the background fabric. Repeat with the remaining half square triangles on the opposite diagonal edge of the large triangles. Press the seams towards the background fabric. You now have 6 flying geese units.


flying geese placemat 4


4. Using the GO! Square die, fan fold the larger strip of background fabric so there are three layers. Run the die through the cutter, yielding 3 squares.


flying geese placemat 6


5. Arrange the six flying geese units into three sets of two. Sew the each pair together and press the seam open.

6. Sew (1) 6" square to each pair of flying geese along the top edge. Press the seam open.


flying geese placemat 8


7. Sew the three units together to form the top of the placemat. Press the seams open.


flying geese placemat 9


8. Sandwich, quilt and bind your placemat as desired.

TIP: Get creative! There are many different ways to arrange the flying geese. Consider having them all point from left to right. You could also alternate the direction of each pair - one up, one to the side, one down. Skip the background squares and make six sets of flying geese for each placemat. Make a set of placemats that coordinate, but aren't all exactly alike. The options are endless!


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Erin Harris

Written by Erin Harris