Simple Snowflake Ornaments

Nov 2, 2015 9:48:41 AM / by AccuQuilt

Hello! I'm Missy Shepler, a designer, illustrator, and author in central Illinois. When I'm not creating how-to illustrations for various publishers, I design quilts and sewing projects, some of which are shown here.

I'm always trying to think of new ways to use my AccuQuilt dies, and sometimes those 'new' ways turn out to be old ideas. This quick, nearly no-sew project is an update on a simple grade school paper project I think almost everyone has made.




For this Simple Snowflake Ornaments project, I used the tree and snowflake shapes on these AccuQuilt Dies:

GO! Holiday Medley (55043)
GO! Sleigh & Snowflakes (55322)
GO! Snowflake (55359)
GO! Snowflakes-7" (55450)


-9" x 12" sheets of craft felt in coordinating colors  (Each tree and small ornament requires 2 sheets of felt. One 7" ornament requires 4 sheets of felt.)

-Heavyweight double-sided fusible stabilizer (One 9" x 12" piece for each tree or small ornament, and two 9" x 12" pieces for one 7" ornament.)

-Monofilament thread

Note: A limited number of craft felt colors might be available as yardage. Check your local fabric shop for craft felt on the bolt if you will be making a lot of ornaments.

Make the Ornaments

  1. Each ornament is made from two layers of felt fused to heavyweight double-sided fusible stabilizer. Use the same or different colored felt for each side of the ornament. Follow the manufacturers' instructions to fuse the felt to each side of the stabilizer, mixing or matching colors as desired. Let the fused felt cool completely.



  1. Here's a quick tip: Place a clear acrylic quilting ruler on top of the die to quickly determine the felt size needed, including at least 1/4" around the outer edges of the die.




Rough cut the fused felt to this size, then sandwich the fused fabric between the die and cutting mat, and roll the die through the cutter. Don't double up! The fused felt is very thick. For best results, cut one layer at a time.

Cut two of the same shape for each ornament.

  1. Use a rotary ruler and cutter to cut a 1/8" slot halfway along the vertical center of each ornament. Cut one shape from the bottom edge up to the center, and cut the other shape from the top edge down to the center.




  1. Slide the shapes together, holding the shapes perpendicular to each other, and aligning the slots. Some shapes, like these trees, will stand on their own. (Wouldn't these make cute table decorations?)




To make a hanging ornament, use a hand-sewing needle to attach one end of an 18"-24" clear monofilament thread to the center of each ornament. Tie an overhand knot in the opposite end of the thread to make a hanging loop.



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Written by AccuQuilt

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