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Apr 21, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Heidi Pridemore


This month I used the new GO! Qube Mix & Match 6” Block Set, to create a quilt using “Eggcellent Adventures” fabric collection from Fabri-Quilt. This is a very special group for me since I designed the fabric collection last year and have not had a chance to play with it. I always wondered what life would be like inside the coop. This fabric represents my imagination gone wild on this idea. I hope you enjoy your visit to the coop and get to know the “Stars of the Coop” this month.





Finished size 46” x 54”

Stars in the Coop by Heidi Pridemore



GO! Qube Mix & Match 6” Block Set

GO! Baby, GO! or GO! Big Fabric Cutter

GO! Stars in the Coop Quilt Pattern 


For this project, I explored using the GO! Qube sets to create the complimentary block for a panel quilt. The beauty of the GO! Qube set is that they are a series of dies that will make a variety of block designs that are all the same size. That means the GO! Qube blocks are perfect to pair with panels such as the Eggcellent Adventures. 
















When working with panels, there are some things to consider before starting the project. Mainly that the panels always come in a little smaller or a little larger than the original artwork. So I always recommend adding a small border around the panel squares and then trimming the bordered panel unit to the size you need to match the GO! Qube Block size. 



The blocks I choose to compliment the panel blocks are two star blocks. This was the inspiration for the quilt name “Stars in the Coop.” The first block is a tradition star block that showcases the cute tossed egg fabric in the center.  The second star block is made using the diamond die in the GO! Qube 6” Blocks Set. Since sewing with diamonds can be a little tricky I am showing the steps to make this block below.

First thing to know is the diamond is directional. So make sure to follow the pattern that will tell you which fabric to die cut with the fabric facing up and which fabric is die cut with the fabric facing down.

Align and sew one small blue triangle along the long side of one yellow diamond. Press towards the blue triangle.

By starting with the long sides of the first triangle and the diamond first, it will make the next triangle that is added easier to align to both the diamond and the first small blue triangle.

Align the short side of another blue triangle along the bottom short side of the diamond as shown. Press towards the blue fabric. This will complete the first half of the block unit. 



Repeat with the red diamond and two more small blue triangles following the photos to make the second half of the block unit. 



Align the two half block units together starting at the diamond points. Sew the two halves together to make one block unit. Make sure to trim the excess triangle (dog ear) at the bottom of the unit. If this little piece is left on the unit it can cause bulk in the center of the block, or it can mess up the seam when sewing over the excess when the units are sewn together. So make sure to trim the dog ears. 



Sew four block units together to make the Diamond Star block. I hope these tips help when making this month’s quilt project.

Check out the Eggcellent Adventures fabric collection at

Make sure to visit my blog each month where I will share with you some tips and tricks on cutting and assembling of the project of the month along with posting the free pattern on our website. Get the free GO! Stars in the Coop Quilt Pattern now!

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