The New Foldable Studio 2 Fabric Cutter

Mar 2, 2015 7:00:41 AM / by AccuQuilt

We are proud to announce the new Studio 2 Fabric Cutter, a foldable version of the original Studio Fabric Cutter. This new foldable design is similar to our GO! Fabric Cutter line and allows quilters to move and store their fabric cutter much more easily. With more space to design and create, your quilting productivity will be off the charts!


Studio 2 Lifestyle image


The Studio 2 replaces the original Studio Fabric Cutter. Other than the foldable design enhancement of the Studio 2, there are no other design or functionality changes from the original Studio. So you can expect the same quality and positive experience with Studio 2 that you have come to know with Studio. If, however, owners of the original Studio would like to take advantage of the new foldable design, a conversion kit is available for purchase.

To see the new Studio 2 in action and learn more about its space-friendly design, watch the video below.



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Written by AccuQuilt