70 Unique GO! Qube Project Ideas

Aug 10, 2016 11:45:10 AM / by AccuQuilt

By now, you've all heard about our innovative GO! Qube Mix & Match Block Sets and may already have one or two of your own. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of 70 spectacular projects you can make with your Qubes. You have so many options with the GO! Qubes, and we want to make sure you don't miss any.

The 70 Qube project ideas include patterns and tutorials from our guest bloggers in addition to even more GO! Qube patterns offered on our website. You can adjust many of the patterns below and make them in your preferred block size: 6", 8", 9", 12".


1. GO! Qube 9" Jewels and Gems Quilt Pattern


2. GO! Qube 6" Storm at Sea Throw Quilt Pattern 


Qube Project Ideas


3. GO! Qube 6" Zen Doodles Quilt Pattern




4. A Slice of Summer Placemats


BKN Summer Placemats 2


5. Rosy Applique Pillow Tutorial


Qube Project Ideas


6. Combining the GO! Qube with Machine Embroidery


Qube Project Ideas


7. GO! Qube Sweet Hearts Quilt


Gina Sweet Hearts


8. GO! Qube 8" Hugs and Kisses Baby Quilt Pattern


Qube Project Ideas


9. GO! Qube 12" Woven Bed Runner Pattern





10. Machine Embroidery Holiday Bed Runner


Busby TR


11. Batik Qube Sampler Quilt




12. Crystal Table Topper




13. Star Bright Table Topper




14. GO! Qube Fun Sunflower Throw Pillow




15. Supersized Churn Dash with the Qube


EH Churn Dash 2


16. GO! Qube 6" Holiday Medley Throw Quilt Pattern




17. GO! Snow Much Fun Wall Hanging Pattern




18. GO! Qube 9" Windy Quilt Pattern




19. GO! Qube 12" Peaks and Valleys Throw Quilt Pattern




20. Fantastic Fireworks Table Runner




21. GO! Qube 8" Something's Fishy Beach Bag Pattern


Qube Project Ideas


22. GO! Qube 8" Spools and Kites Quilt Pattern




23. GO! Daisy's Tote Pattern


Qube Project Ideas


24. GO! Qube 6" Stained Glass Quilt Pattern




25. GO! Stars in the Coop Quilt Pattern




26. Cute Car Machine Embroidery Baby Quilt


Busby Cute Car


27. Fleur De Lis Potholders




28. GO! Qube Easter Bag Tote




29. Shining Bright - A Patriotic Wall Hanging Quilting Tutorial




30. Summer Flower Table Runner



Qube Project Ideas


31. Don't Be Afraid of Sewing Curves




32. A GO! Picnic Quilt with Machine Embroidery Patriotic Stars




33. Let's Build a Birdhouse Machine Applique Pillow




34. Chinese Forget Me Not Wall Hanging




35. May Qube Spring Bunting


Spring Bunting


We are halfway there! Make your favorite of our GO! Qube project ideas and send us a picture!


36. An "Umbrella for Two" Table Runner - A Quilting Tutorial


Qube Project Ideas


37. GO! Qube Lap Quilt


Qube Project Ideas


38. Harrison Rose Applique Table Runner




39. Spring Fling Wall Hanging - A Quilting Tutorial




40. GO! Qube Playful Pinwheels Baby Quilt


Qube Project Ideas


41. GO! Qube Serenity Table Runner


Qube Project Ideas


42. Use Machine Embroidery Flowers to Plant a Flower Garden on Your Quilt




43. GO! Qube Spring Placemats


Spg Placemats


44. GO! Qube Medallion Quilt




45. GO! Hoping for Spring


Qube Project Ideas


46. GO! Qube Modern Lattice Throw Quilt Tutorial


Qube Project Ideas


47. "Bring Me Luck" Mini Quilt - A Quilting Tutorial


Mini luck


48. Machine Embroidery Fun Flowers Tutorial - Quilted in the Hoop Like a Pro


quilt in the hoop


49. Love Blooms Table Topper


love blooms


50. GO! Qube Spring Table Topper


spg tt


51. Valentine Table Runner


Vday TR


52. A Valentine's Gift Bag




53. Hand Embroidered Love Birds Table Runner


love birds tr


54. Sweetie Pie Pinwheels Table Topper - A Quilting Tutorial


sweetie pie tt


55. GO! Qube Twirly Block Mini Quilt Tutorial


twirly block


56. GO! Qube Uneven 9-Patch Table Runner Tutorial


uneven patch


57. A Simple Guide to Machine Embroidery with the GO! Qube and the Queen of Hearts


queen of hearts


58. GO! Qube Roasted Coffee Table Runner Tutorial


coffee tr


59. GO! Qube Boy Stars and Diamonds Quilt


stars n diamonds


60. GO! Qube Grand Canyon Fabric Wall Hanging




61. GO! Searching for Cephalopods




62. Flowing in the Breeze Baby Quilt


flowing resized


63. GO! Qube 12" Flower Pot Sampler Quilt Pattern


flower pot pq10691_l


64. GO! Qube One Block Placemats Pattern


One block placemats pq10689_l


65. GO! Qube 12" Pieced Heart Quilt Pattern


pieced heart q10702_l


66. GO! Adventures in Wonderland Quilt Pattern




67. GO! Qube 6" Table Trends Table Runner Pattern


table trends tr pq10687_l


68. GO! Qube 8" Patchwork Portfolio Pattern


portfolio pq10688_l


69. GO! Qube 6" Escher Quilt Pattern


Escher pq11011_l


70. GO! Qube 12" Row House Bed Runner Pattern




If you don't have a GO! Qube yet, check out the informative video below to get a glimpse of all the goodies inside!






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