A Serendipity Batik Pillow

Aug 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea again from Beaquilter, and I'm back to show another fun little project using the GO! Qube Serendipity by Edyta Sitar.

I used scraps of batik fabrics from Island Batik, the petals for the flower is a purple print, then the center and bursts are a tan and the background is beige.

First I cut out 12 petals in the purple and 12 of the tan triangles.


shooting star1


The petals are first sewn at the top by folding it in half like you'd do with Dresden Plate pieces.


shooting star2


Then the 12 bursts have the tips ironed down 1/4" and then folded and sewn in between two petals.


shooting star3


These look like little butterflies. :)


shooting star4


Then sew these together with more bursts in between.


shooting star5


Once the flower was all sewn together I cut out 2 tan circles (3 1/2") which is also a die with the set!

Then I sewed 1/4" around the two circles- right sides together.


shooting star6


I trimmed down to 1/8" or so


shooting star7


Then I sort of pulled the pieces a part a bit and carefully cut a X on just ONE fabric.


shooting star8


Then I turned it right side out and used a skewer to get all the edges smooth.


shooting star8


Then I centered the flower onto an 11" background, a tip was to fold the background in half and iron a crease, I just did a little bit near the edges on both sides and the opposite sides, too.


shooting star9


I also added the circle and then button hole stitched around all the petals and the circle.


shooting star12


I then sewed this onto another 11" background piece, right sides together, leaving about a 5" opening at one end, reversing at both the beginning and the end.

I trimmed the corners and turned inside out and ironed flat and also folded in the seam allowance on the opening and ironed that flat to make it easier to stuff!


shooting star13


I stuffed it with fiberfill and whipped stitched the opening closed.


shooting star14


Here's the pillow together with the small 5" Ohio Star pincushion I recently blogged about :)


shooting star15


Some fun dies in this set for sure and there's MORE!!

Hope you get to try this set, it's a lot of fun!


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