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Aug 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Marjorie Busby

It's Marjorie Busby from bluefeatherquiltstudio.com with a tutorial featuring the Serendipity Specialty Qube Die Set by designer Edyta Sitar. It is so much fun stitching the machine embroidery designs, and in particular, the basket from this set. What fun to make a basket quilt with machine embroidery applique, and there are stars and hearts and flowers that can be stitched onto the baskets.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add even more variety to those baskets using the most basic machine embroidery editing software to create a new design by combining or merging two machine embroidery designs. And there’s no digitizing involved—it’s very easy. See what I made:



I could tell you more about the Serendipity set, but it’s a lot easier for you to go to the AccuQuilt website and read all about it. There are eight dies and 21 machine embroidery designs with shapes that will make an endless number of quilt blocks. And there are two DVD's included with wonderful video tutorials showing you just how to use the dies and machine embroidery in this set. I chose to use the basket and explored different ways to stitch the basket by working with my embroidery software to combine the basket with other shapes in the Serendipity set.

You can do this, too. You may even be surprised to know that you already have the software needed. No matter what embroidery machine you own, that machine came with some software for your computer which will allow you to do very basic editing of machine embroidery designs. And if you want even more features, you may purchase software like Embird or Embrilliance for editing designs. With just a few simple steps that are similar in all machine embroidery software, you will be able to combine the star and heart shape with the basket shape to create even more designs for your baskets.

You will need:

  • Basic Machine Embroidery Editing Software, e.g., the software that came with your embroidery machine or software like Embird or Embrilliance.
  • Embroidery Machine and 5 x 7” hoop
  • Serendipity Set
  • Fabric for machine embroidery shapes
  • Fabric for background shapes
  • Fusible web or water soluble glue

And follow the steps in this video tutorial to begin creating your own designs with this wonderful set.



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Marjorie Busby

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