Fall Qube Potholders

Nov 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea from Beaquilter, I'm here to show you how I made these quick and easy potholders using the 8" Qube set and Companion Set and scraps of fall fabrics! This is great for Thanksgiving or as a hostess gift if you're not staying home for Thanksgiving ;) You'll need scraps of orange, brown, and yellow. You'll also need scraps of batting AND Insul-Bright (it's a special sort of batting that has metal in it to help with heat).

This is the block that I used for these potholders.




From the Qube and Companion Set you'll need the small triangle (shape #5) and the chisel (shape #9).

You'll be making 4 blocks (2 fronts and 2 backs for each potholder).

I decided to make the front and back be mirror images of each other - mostly because then I can cut a double layer of fabric on the die and not worry about them all being right side up or wrong side up).

As you can see below with two layers of fabric the top orange fabric would be the mirror image and the bottom piece is for the block above.

I of course did 6 layers of fabrics on the die.

You'll need 8+8 chisels from each of orange and brown fabrics.


accuquilt QUBE potholders1


You'll also need 16 triangles in orange and yellow.

Here's the shapes all cut out.


accuquilt qubepotholder2


Then I sewed the orange triangles to the tips of the brown chisels and the yellow triangles with the orange chisels (8 sets of each plus 8 each in mirror images).




Then I sewed the orange chisel sections to the sides of the brown chisels.




Then I laid out how I wanted the block to look, there's really 4 different ways to do it (if you keep it all symmetrical).




I also made a hanging tag for each by cutting a 2 1/2" strip of fabric around 5" long and sewing it together like a binding strip by holding it in half and then folding the raw edged to the center and then ironing flat and sewing down the sides. And I sewed the blocks together.




Then I cut out 2 pieces of batting at 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" and the same in Insul-Bright




and layered a piece of batting under two blocks and Insul-Bright behind another two and pinned.




Then I did a bit of "quilting" stitching in the ditch sort of with orange thread on all 4 pieces.




I also stitched down the two hanging tabs to the top of two matching blocks.




Then I pinned the two opposite blocks together (one has the batting behind and one has ) Insul-Bright behind) I left a 4" opening at the bottom and to remind myself to not sew there I double pin the start and stop points.




Then with a walking foot, I stitched around 1/4" from the edge and trim the corners, I don't just do a straight cut but cut twice at each corner to make the angle bigger (cutting more than 90 degrees off).




Then I turned it right side out and ironed flat and whip stitched it closed.




Here's the two potholders all done.




And here they are with a fall table topper I made recently using the GO! Wedge die and GO! Fall Medley die with machine embroidered applique.




There's so many different potholders you can quickly make with the 72 block booklet

Before the holiday craziness starts, make a few of these for hostess gifts or Christmas gifts :)


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