Fleur De Lis Potholders

May 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi everyone,

It's Bea from beaquilter again. I'm here to show you how to make these potholders using the GO! Qube-8" Mix & Match Block Set and the GO! Fleur De Lis die.

Bea Go1




GO! Fabric Cutter

GO! Qube-8" Mix & Match Block Set

GO! Fleur De Lis die

Batting Insulbright

heat n bond

3 fabrics and matching thread


(I didn't list the yardage of fabric, as this is a scrap friendly project and you may just want to do one set and maybe in different colors!?)

Here's how to make the potholders. Using the Go QUBE set, use dies 1,2 and 8. For the first set you'll need8 of #1  in 2 different fabrics. For the 2nd set you'll need 2 of #1, 8 of #2 and 8 of #8. I chose some modern grey prints and a white with grey fabric.


Bea Go2


The first set I sewed together into a four patch twice.

The second set is sewn together into an uneven nine patch.

Then I used heat n bond on the back of leftover fabrics and cut out 10 Fleur De Lis shapes (8 for the four patches and 2 for the 9 patches)


Bea Go3


and I fused those on all the sets


Bea Go5


Then I cut out matching batting and insulbright and backing pieces (8 1/2") and pinned thru all the layers


Bea Go6


in a contrasting thread I free motion appliqued a deliberate sloppy line around each shape on all 4 potholders, then made hanging strips and sewed those to the middle top of each one and also sewed a stay stitch close to the edge all the way around.




I love how "poofy" they look!


Bea Go7


Then add binding and they are all done! (sorry for the lighting on the picture)

You'll notice that the four patch set I chose to have them be mirror image of each other!


Bea Go8


Two great sets!


Bea Go9


Thanks for reading this, hope you like it and try making them!


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