Free Pattern - GO! Searching for Cephalopods

Jul 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Heidi Pridemore

I don’t know why, but I love Octopus! Perhaps it's because they have eight arms and some days I wish I did too so I could get more done. Maybe it is because they are smart animals that excel at creative problem solving, a daily requirement for my job. Whatever the reason is, when I saw “Come Dive With Me” from Windham Fabrics, I fell in love.

 So this month I used my GO! Qube Mix & Match 6” Block Set to create a sweet wall hanging using these darling fabrics. I placed the diver prints in the borders and the cephalopod prints in the center, so it looks like the divers are searching for the Octopus. This idea became the inspiration for the name, “Searching for Cephalopods.”

This free pattern from The Whimsical Workshop also includes traditional cutting instructions for this project, too.



GO! Searching for Cephalopods

42” x 42”

Designed by Heidi Pridemore

GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter (55500)

GO! Qube 6” Block Set (55775)




When designing the project, I laid out the fat quarters by pattern scale and directional prints. As you can see, this group has a lot of directional prints and the scale on these is pretty small. The scale of the prints made it a perfect group to use with the GO! Qube Mix & Match 6” Block Set since those dies are pretty small. So I designed the quilt making sure to use the larger prints as block centers and the smaller prints in triangles and squares going around them. This helped showcase the fabrics and balance the design.

First step was to precut all my fabric into smaller pieces and lay them out on each die before cutting. I find this step keeps me organized and makes it easier to cut the right shapes from the right fabrics.



Since there are so many directional prints in this quilt that I was cutting into triangles, I wanted to share a few tips on working with directional fabrics with half-square and quarter-square triangles. First up, half-square triangles (HST), to cut the HST and have them all going in the same direction around the block, you need to cut half of the squares from the upper left to lower right corners and the other half cut from the upper right to lower left corners to create a mirror image of the print in half of the triangles. At least that is how you would cut them traditionally.

Well, when using the GO! Big cutter, you need to make sure the direction on the fabric is going in the same direction on all the squares, then flip half of them upside down, so half the squares are right side up and half are wrong side up, still the direction of the print going in the same direction. Then once you cut them you will have two sets of triangles that are mirror image of each other and will work perfectly in your block.



For quarter square triangles, they are even easier, you need to make sure all the squares are going in the same direction, then cut them with the fabric facing up on all the squares. For each square you will get four triangles, one in each direction. I like to separate them out by direction and lay them out in block as shown in the quilt.



Now I am ready to visit my 8-legged friends in the deep blue sea with my new wall hanging. As always, I would love to see what you come up with using our pattern. We would love to add you to our Bragging Rights Page on our website!

Make sure to visit The Whimsical Workshop each month where I will share with you some tips and tricks on cutting and assembling of the project of the month along with posting the free pattern. Download the free GO! Searching for Cephalopods Quilt Pattern now!

Until next time…..



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