GO! Dragonflies & Daisies Table Topper

Oct 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Heidi Pridemore

Fall is upon us and for people in Arizona that means the end of 100 degree days. Yah! So fall in Arizona can feel a lot more like spring does everywhere else. So this month to celebrate the cooler weather I decided to design a whimsical dragonfly table topper. I used a collection called Dragonfly Dance from Benartex Fabrics. This fabric has beautiful gold details to add elegance to the stunning artwork. I used my GO! Qube Specialty Set-Serendipity by Edyta Sitar to make the applique design and the pieced border.


GO! Dragonflies & Daisies Table Topper

32” x 32”

Designed by Heidi Pridemore


The pattern for this month’s project - GO! Dragonflies & Daisies Table Topper - is free from The Whimsical Workshop. We have also included traditional cutting instructions for this project in the pattern, too.



Here are all the dies I used for this project. I list each piece on the pattern for die-cutting and also include templates for traditional cutting. I also wanted to include an image of the die with the fabrics on top of the shapes that we are using for this project. For the die-cut shapes, I back my fabric with fusible web and cut pieces larger than the shape. Then I die-cut the shapes I need for my project.



When I design a pattern for fusible applique, I always try to include a placement drawing. You can use the placement drawing and an applique pressing sheet to assemble the pieces of the applique before positioning them on the background. An applique pressing sheet is a Teflon coated sheet that keeps the fusible web from sticking to it. This means you can arrange the shapes on the sheet and iron them together. Anywhere the fusible web touches fabric, they will stick together and anywhere it touches the applique pressing sheet you can pull it off and the webbing will stay on the fabric.



A quick tip to remove the backing from the fusible web backed shapes, use a straight pin to scratch the paper backing on the webbing. This will create a crack and peel on the back of the shape and it is easier to remove the paper.



Above I am showing you how you can see the placement drawn through the applique pressing sheet. I assemble one daisy at a time on the sheet and then I move the placement drawing under the applique pressing sheet to assemble the next flower. I continue until I run out of room. Then I peel off each completed shape.

To position each daisy on a corner square, I fold the square in half in both directions and press to create a center point. I use these lines to center and press the daisy in place.



For the center bouquet, I start with the stems and leaves and press them in place on the applique pressing sheet to hold them in place and then add the daisies to the top. Once the bouquet is complete it is ready to add to the center block with the dragonflies as shown below.



Once you have all the shapes pressed to the background squares, you will need to finish the edges with a decorative stitch along the raw edges for this project. I use an olive green thread on everything to make them pop.



Here is the quilt finished and ready to quilt. I hope you enjoy this month’s project. I look forward to using my topper to decorate our table after Halloween. Happy fall!

Make sure to visit my blog each month where I will share with you some tips and tricks on cutting and assembling of the project of the month along with posting the free pattern on our website. Get the GO Dragonflies & Daisies Table Topper Pattern now!

Until next time…..




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