A Grinchy LeMoyne Star Quilted Wall Hanging

Dec 2, 2015 9:00:07 AM / by Diana Ray

Hi, my name is Diana and I am the writer behind Ray’s Sew Crafty. :) I am honored to be back to share this neat project with you using AccuQuilt's Go! LeMoyne Star die (#55453).

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to decorate more and make things for my family and friends. It's also because I get to pull out all of my Grinch stuff without getting any funny looks when it's NOT Christmas. Haha

"Are you having a holly, jolly Christmas?" the Grinch would ask!

My home is a lot jollier with this 33" x 33" Grinchy LeMoyne star quilted wall hanging and it was so easy! My mom and I made this in one afternoon!



What you will need:
-AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter
-Go! LeMoyne Star Die
– 2 green olive fat quarters

-2 red egg fat quarters
-one 9-1/2" square of Grinch center fabric
-1 yard of white for background
-1/6 yard of green stripes for border
-1/4 yard of green for binding
-backing: 35"x35"
-batting : 35"x35"
-WonderFil Deco-Bob thread




I decided to make my stars solid colored to really make my Grinch center pop. AccuQuilt provides several different layouts and color patterns for this star on their instructional packaging.




For the wall hanging, there are four red stars and four green stars. One fat quarter will yield enough star points for three stars.

I cut my fat quarters in thirds and fan folded them to run through my AccuQuilt GO! I cut my yard of white background following AccuQuilt's cutting instructions and cut those in a jiffy. I had all the pieces for my 8 stars cut in minutes!

This die cuts the "doggy ears" for you, so that when you press your pieces, there is not clipping of the corners that stick out! That's one of the many reasons that I love my AccuQuilt cutter! Most of their dies are engineered to make cutting so easy! "Better cuts make better quilts!"




When I cut my pieces for my blocks, I place them in order on my 12-1/2" ruler so that I can carry them over to my machine easily. Using the GO! pick as my stiletto, I am ready to sew!




I'd like to note that these star point pieces have a specific way to be set, please see how my pieces are laid in the top left image. I have two star points, two small half-square triangles on the outer corners of the star points and two big half-square triangles on the top left of the star points. Your star points will need to form an "L" on the bottom right corner (where my pick is pointing in the top left picture). In order to make sure that your pieces are laid out correctly, your two small half-square triangle corners should match your star point pieces like in my top right picture.

Once you've figured out how your pieces go, chain piece all of your small half-square triangles like the bottom left picture. It's super easy to sew these piece together, thanks to the cutting technique from AccuQuilt's dies!

After sewing your small corner HST, next are the big HST onto your star points ( bottom right picture) and your triangles will then be ready to be turned into blocks!




You will need 8 "triangles" to create one block (top left picture). I laid out my triangles for my stars to make sure I had them all lined up correctly (top right picture).

After sorting your pieces, you're ready to sew!

Using my pick as a stiletto, I sewed two "triangles" together and made sure that my points matched up     (bottom left picture).

We are almost done!

Once your triangles are sewn into quarters, we can get our blocks together. In the bottom right picture, I sewed my blocks in pairs and pressed each of them in opposite directions. That way, when I sew those halves together, I can match up the center points perfectly!




For the center, I cut a 9-1/2" square of my Grinch focus fabric.




With the blocks laid out to your liking, sew your blocks together and your top is done!

I cut three 2" strips (WOF) and sewed those on as a wonky, striped border.

To finish the wall hanging, sandwich your top with the batting, backing and quilt in a Grinchy way. And then bind, done! :)




I hope you have enjoyed this little project tutorial, I had a lot of fun making this! The LeMoyne stars were easy to put together and look so pretty!

Thank you so much for reading and following along!

I will be blogging more over at Ray’s Sew Crafty, so please stop by my blog and find some more fun tutorials and my quilting adventures. If you’re on Instagram, you can find me @RaysSewCrafty and find out about my 5K Giveaway. I love mingling with quilty friends and staying connected!


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Diana Ray

Written by Diana Ray