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Jul 25, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by Marjorie Busby

Hi, it’s Marjorie from blue feather quilt studio, and this month’s project is a king size bed runner inspired by the AccuQuilt Peaks and Valleys quilt pattern (made with the GO! QUBE Mix & Match 12" Block Set) and my new Holiday Elements machine embroidery design set. Making a bed runner is a new type of quilt for me, and stitching this was a lot of fun. While it’s only July and it’s crazy hot outside, it is time to get ready for the Christmas holidays. The photo above shows the bed runner on our picnic table (perfect for July—right?) and the only way I could get a photo of the full 98-inch length.

Making this is a two step process, making the bed runner and stitching the machine embroidery. I recorded a YouTube video showing how the machine embroidery is done. This blog post describes how the bed runner is constructed and how to use the machine embroidery set with this pattern.  

Supplies Needed for Holiday Bed Runner (Finished Size 98 inches long and 22 inches wide)

You will need the standard machine embroidery supplies that are listed in the video and in the machine embroidery design set. You will also need:

AccuQuilt GO! QUBE MIX & Match 12" Block Set

Holiday Elements Machine Embroidery Design Set

Youtube Video Instructions

1/2 yard Light Fabric

1 yard Medium Fabric

2 yards Dark Fabric to include borders and binding

3 yards Backing Fabric

Quilt Batting 30" x 108"

This is the layout of the bed runner drawn in Electric Quilt 7 Software.The dark black lines are the blocks and the lighter black lines are the shapes. 


The bed runner is constructed from five blocks. The primary units are a flying geese unit, a quarter square triangle block, a rectangle unit, and a plain square. Block 5 is the finishing block for the top and bottom of the vertical strip for each end of the bed runner. The blocks are as seen in the image below and all pieces are cut using the 12” QUBE Mix & Match Block Die Set.



To complete the bed runner you will need to cut the following shapes. I used a dark fabric for the chevrons, a light fabric for the machine embroidery background, and a medium fabric for the chevron background.

Shape 1 (6” Square Finished)

  • Cut 7 each Light Fabric

Shape 2 (3” Square Finished)

  • Cut 4 each Medium Fabric

Shape 4 (6” Quarter Square Triangle Finished)

  • Cut 28 each Light Fabric
  • Cut 12 each Medium Fabric
  • Cut 28 each Dark Fabric

Shape 5 (3” Half Square Triangle Finished)

  • Cut 36 each Medium Fabric
  • Cut 60 each Dark Fabric

Shape 8 (3 x 6” Rectangle Finished)

  • Cut 16 each Medium Fabric



Block assembly is completed as shown here. In the photo on the left, the block parts are on my design board that is covered in light batting, so look closely to see the light patches and blocks. You can see that the flying geese units and the quarter square triangles are already assembled and ready to be stitched as the blocks as shown on the right.  



Rows are assembled vertically. In the photo below, I have the vertical rows stacked and pinned to my design board. 



Embroidery is completed in as small a unit as possible. Some embroidery designs such as the snowflake fit easily onto a six inch finished square and that applique can be done on a single block or on the vertical row.

Some embroidery designs are larger than the single six inch finished block in the middle, but still fit easily into the light square on point created by the six inch square and the quarter square triangles. When stitching one of the larger designs, the vertical rows must be assembled together before stitching the machine embroidery. More details for stitching the machine embroidery are shown in this video.



This closeup of the snow-woman shows how the hands extend beyond the seam line of a single block.



The entire runner is completely assembled after the embroidery is finished. The last blocks on either end of the runner are Block 5 and it is assembled as shown in the diagram above. 

This photo was taken outside on a picnic table. The bed runners have not been quilted because I want to spend some time doing custom quilting on these as they will be gifts for my daughters.




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