See How Easily You Can Create the GO! Caroling Snowmen in the Woods Table Topper

Oct 9, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Connie Campbell

Have you ever thought about working with other fabrics when using your AccuQuilt GO! dies? This month I am doing something totally unexpected for me........hand-stitching on wool!

The Christmas holidays will be here before you know it and this would be a perfect little table topper to have out all winter.

AccuQuilt GO! die Caroling Snowmen in the woods


AccuQuilt GO! Wool Caroling Snowmen in the Woods Table Topper


I used 3 different AccuQuilt GO! dies to create the Caroling Snowmen:

AccuQuilt GO! Circle-2", 3", 5" #55012

AccuQuilt GO! Holiday Accessories #55321

AccuQuilt GO! Holiday Medley #55043


The dies can be used with all of the AccuQuilt GO! cutters:

GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Starter Set 55600

GO! Fabric Cutter (55100S)

GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter (55500)


Materials Needed:

20" x 25" plaid fabric for background

Felted Wool 18" x 22" black

Felted Wool Fat Quarters - white, green

Felted Wool Scraps - orange, blue, red, pink, yellow, purple

Embroidery thread for hand-stitching


AccuQuilt GO! dies used for Caroling Snowmen table topper


When I first decided to make a wool quilt project using my AccuQuilt die cutter and dies, I bought some rayon/wool blend pieces. The blended wool is much thinner than 100% wool and you can easily cut 3 layers at a time. I think it would also be easy to applique the die cut pieces on a sewing machine.


 Evergreen wool trees made with AccuQuilt GO! die


I have a friend who dyes and felts wool for a local quilt shop and she brought me all kinds of felted wool to work with. Felted wool is much thicker than 100% cotton or wool blends. I'll save the wool blends for another project.

At first I cut 2 layers of the felted wool but I was a little worried as my cutting machine was really working to cut through that much. I decided to go ahead and just cut 1 layer at a time. Each cut was perfect. I would definitely recommend just cutting one layer of the felted wool.


Evergreen wool trees made with AccuQuilt GO! die


I cut some small pieces of the felted wool and placed them over the sections of the snowmen accessories that I wanted to use. The little die cut hats and pompoms were really cute.


AccuQuilt GO! snowmen accessories die


I also cut 3 of the hats and trimmed off the sides making them into perfect little books for my caroling snowmen.  For the scarves I decided to separate the pieces for a windblown look instead of having them just hang down.


AccuQuilt GO! snowmen accessories die


I have done very little hand-stitching, so I stitched the books and then the mittens before placing them on the background wool. I think my stitching style might be called "primitive".


Building the Caroling Snowmen with AccuQuilt GO! dies


I have to admit that I had more fun doing the hand-stitching than I thought I would and much of it was done out on my deck while sitting with my dad this summer.


.Building the Caroling Snowmen


I used some little seed beads for the eyes instead of trying to make french knots.


 AccuQuilt GO! Wool Caroling Snowmen in the woods Table Topper


My friend also include a yard of a plaid woven fabric that I used for the backing. I left it a little bigger and just pulled the threads off for about fourth of an inch. After I stitched the snowmen and trees, I hand-stitched around the black background fabric to attach it to the plaid fabric. This hid all of the stitching I did on the caroling snowmen.

AccuQuilt GO! Wool Caroling Snowmen in the Woods Table Topper


AccuQuilt GO! Wool Caroling Snowmen in the woods


I hope you have enjoyed the Caroling Snowmen Table Topper tutorial made with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and GO! dies. If you are looking for more ideas you might enjoy some of my previous quilt tutorials.

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