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Jul 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Gina Gempesaw

Hi, fellow GO! Getters! It's Gina from Gem Hill Quilts. We're currently sweating through the middle of a heat wave. So, when I started thinking about this blog post, "Christmas in July" came to mind of course!

What I have to share with you here is a pretty table topper made with 7 of the 8 dies in my GO! Qube Mix & Match 8" Block. It's not exactly square, but it is about 26" through the center.



So, for this project, I kept the fabrics pretty simple. There's a large scale print that I fussy-cut to fit in the center. There's also a light green print that feels very Christmassy. Beyond those, the rest of the fabrics are subtle prints, tonals or solids. I'm partial to sparkly metallic prints so I did indulge on this quilt! I got lucky finding the large scale print that works perfectly here, but really you can use the light green print or the cream background in place of the large scale print if you want.



Additionally, use the GO! Strip Cutter - 1 1/2" (1" Finished) (55024) to cut two 1 1 /2" x 22 1/2" strips, two 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" strips and four 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips from the Cream Background.

Here's a tip for cutting the Shape 7 Gold Parallelograms: Keep 2 layers of the Gold fabric with the wrong sides together and place them on the die that way. After it goes through your GO! Cutter, one layer will be cut as a regular parallelogram and the other will be its mirror-image!














To make this quilt, start with making half-square triangle units!

Sew a Shape 5 Dark Green triangle with a Shape 5 Cream triangle to make a square. Make 8 of these.



Layout 2 of these Dark Green/Cream squares along with 1 Shape 2 Light Green square and 1 Shape 2 Cream square as shown. Sew together to make a 4 Patch. Make 4 of these.



Check and make sure you have a 1/4" seam allowance on those triangle points in each of your 4 Patch units.


Next, layout 2 Shape 2 Cream triangle, 2 Shape 2 Red triangle, 1 Shape 7 Gold parallelogram and 1 Shape 7 Gold mirror-image parallelogram as shown.



Sew a Shape 2 Cream Triangle and a Shape 2 Red triangle onto the Shape 7 Gold parallelogram to create a rectangle. Do the same to the Shape 7 mirror-image parallelogram to create the mirror-image rectangle. Then, sew both rectangles together to make a side a square unit. Make 4 side square units.



Here's a tip: Sewing these two rectangles together is one occasion where I definitely PIN, PIN, PIN! I want those angles to match perfectly. So, I would pin, nest the seams and maybe even do a little re-sewing to make it happen.

Now, layout 2 4 Patch units and a Side Square unit as shown and sew together into a row. Make 2




Layout 2 side square units and the Shape 1 Large Scale Cream Print square as shown.


Layout and sew the rows together to create the star quilt center! Remember to PIN, PIN, PIN!!!


Next step is to work on the pieced border.

Start with laying out 2 Shape 4 Light Green triangles, 1 Shape 4 Cream triangle and 1 Shape 6 Red square as shown.


Sew a Shape 4 Light Green triangle and a Shape 4 Cream triangle together to make a larger triangle. Then, sew the remaining Shape 4 Light Green triangle with the Shape 6 Red square.



Here's a tip: Don't worry that one end of the Shape 4 and Shape 6 do not match exactly. Match the square ends first and just sew a 1/4" seam that goes through the tip of the triangle at the other end.



Sew the Light Green/Cream triangle with the Light Green/Red unit together to make a border center unit. Make 4 border center units.



Now layout 1 Shape 4 Red triangle, 1 Shape 4 Cream triangle and 1 Shape 3 Light Green triangle as shown. Sew the Shape 4 triangles together before sewing with the Shape 3 Light Green triangle to create a square Y unit. Make 4 square Y units.



Make mirror-image square Y Units by laying out and sewing 1 Shape 4 Red triangle, 1 Shape 4 Cream triangle and 1 Shape 3 Light Green triangle as shown. Make 4 Mirror-image square Y units.



Layout 1 square Y unit, 1 mirror-image square Y unit and 1 border center unit as shown. Sew together to make a side border. Make 4 side borders.






Layout 2 Shape 3 Gold triangles, 2 Cream 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips and 1 side border. Sew together to make a top border. Make a second one for the bottom border.


Layout the Star Quilt Center, 2 Cream 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" strips, 2 side borders, 2 Cream 1 1/2" x 22 1/2" strips, Top Border and the Bottom Border.

Sew the side borders and the Cream 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" strips onto both sides of the Star Quilt Center to complete the center row.

Now, sew the rows together to complete the quilt top!



With backing and batting, create a quilt sandwich to make it ready for quilting. For machine quilting, I simply stitched some echo quilting lines all around the star center and in the borders.



To finish the quilt, I used the cream background for the binding. While a light colored binding is not usually a good idea, I wanted the darker colors in the pieced border design to pop. It can be a bit tricky to bind the angles and inside corners but bias binding and clipping the seam in the inside corners help.

If you would rather avoid the angles and inside corners, use a Shape 4 Red triangle instead of a Shape 6 Red square in the borders. You can also add a Shape 3 Cream triangle to the ends of the Top and Bottom Borders to square off the corners!



Now, if you would rather make a larger topper or even a wall hanging, use the GO! Qube 9” or 12" Mix and Match Quilt Block and adjust the sizes of the Cream strips as necessary.

Use the GO! Qube 12" Mix and Match Quilt Block to make a quilt that will measure about 38" through the center! That is just about perfect for a quick but stunning wall hanging.

For a little bit more of a challenge, try using the GO! Qube 6" Mix and Match Quilt Block. It will make a great miniature quilt that measures less than 18" across the center. With all the smaller pieces, it may be a little more difficult but it will definitely be gorgeous and awesome!

And one more thing, who says it has to be Christmas? Why not make a quilt with a fall, Halloween, patriotic or just a simple pretty theme to it?!



Whatever theme you choose, get a head start on it today!

Come and visit my site to see some of my other projects including several made with the GO! Fabric Cutter. Follow me on Pinterest, too!



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