GO! Qube Angles Fat Quarter Quilt Tutorial

Oct 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea again here from beaquilter.com. I'm SEW excited to show you this quilt that I made with the NEW GO! Qube Companion Set-Angles! and the GO! Qube set of course too!



Fat Quarter



Fat Quarter


I made this quilt with the 6" Qube and GO! Qube Companion Set-Angles!


It measures 30" x 36" when finished and I used FQs!!


Fat Quarter


I initially did this sketch in EQ8 and the yardage was:

A. White 1/4yd

B. Light Blue 5/8yd

C. Blue 5/8yd

D. Orange 3/4yd

and E. Black 1/4yd


Fat Quarter


But I changed it to Fat Quarters!

So A. White (1 FQ)

B. Light Yellow (3 FQs)

C. Blue (3 FQs)

D. Pink (3 FQs)

E. Purple (1 FQ)

The 6" QUBE shapes are, #1,2,4,5,6 and #16

(For cutting when I have several FQs I shuffle up the FQs when I cut them out and try to cut even numbers of each whenever possible to equal the total)

With shape #1 cut out 15 white


Fat Quarter


With shape #2 cut out 60 yellow


Fat Quarter


with shape #4 cut out 60 yellow and 60 pink


Fat Quarter

Fat Quarter


from shape #5 cut out 180 in blue and 60 in purple

(I only showed a picture of the some blue ones)


Fat Quarter


from shape #6 cut out 15 in blue


Fat Quarter


and lastly with shape #16 cut out 60 in pink (Isn't THIS a fun shape??)


Fat Quarter


Here's all the pieces cut out


Fat Quarter


Let the fun begin!

You'll make 15 blocks of the star block and 15 of the angled block.

I printed out the EQ sketch and marked where I wanted certain fabrics, especially the pinks, but you  can do it totally random!

For the Angled block, sew (4) purple #5 triangles to sides of blue #6 on point squares (15 times)


Fat Quarter


Then add the QST #4 triangles, here I made each block have the same outside triangles, so 5 of each of the 3 FQ fabrics (15 total).


Fat Quarter


Now add matching sets of the pink #16 angles to the blocks!


Fat Quarter


And lastly the corner #5 triangles, I love how the dog ears are cut off and it matches perfectly!


Fat Quarter


Make 15 blocks like this. I again matched up the corners to be all the same fabrics, but the yellow and pink is not the same on all of them, they just match individually.


Fat Quarter


This is where my sketch then came in handy as I laid out my blocks on a design wall and figured out where I wanted the pink QSTs to match up to create the secondary pattern well.

Then I started the star blocks.

Start by making lots of flying geese units (60) like this, randomly or not, that's up to you.


Fat Quarter


Then sew corner #2 yellow squares to two geese and the other 2 geese to a center white #1 square per block


Fat Quarter


and sew the blocks together (15 total)


Fat Quarter


Then I sewed the top together into a 5x6 grid

see with my "planning" ahead the pinks are matching up :)


Fat Quarter


Since I was using FQs for the top I had some left and used my 2 1/2" strip die and 2 purple FQs and cut out 8 strips total then I sewed them together and alternated the fabrics and I had JUST enough- you may need to cut 9 strips if using this method.


Fat Quarter


Again, here's the quilt all done!

I did a dense meandering all over it, as it's a baby quilt and will probably be used a lot!!


Fat Quarter


I even made the back scrappy too by cutting up 5 FQs.

If you quilt on a domestic machine you may be able to just use 4 FQs but I had to have a strip in the middle since I long arm quilt and just need more space all the way around for my frame :)


Fat Quarter


Well hope you like this quilt and I think this new angles die that's part of the new companion angles set is just too cool!

I'll come up with more ideas with the other 3 dies in the set soon!!

See you then :)


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