20 Quilting for Beginners Tips

Jan 23, 2014 4:44:08 PM / by AccuQuilt

Are you interested in starting a journey in quilting? Check out these 20 helpful tips for quilting beginners. And they're beginner approved, too!
Kate's Quilt
AccuQuilt employee, Kate, displays her first quilt which she made with the GO! Tumbler 6 1/2" die.

If you’re a beginner quilter, then you’ve likely experienced a wide range of emotions while creating your quilting projects. Feelings of frustration can have quite a dramatic effect on your psyche and cause you to give up on whatever it is you are trying to create.


Well, don’t worry. Breathe in, breathe out. We’ve asked our Facebook community to give us their best advice for beginner quilters, and boy did they have a lot to say. Below are their top 20 tips to motivate and encourage you, so you’ll be comfortable out there in the wonderful world of quilting. Follow these tips and you’ll go from a beginner quilter to a skilled one in no time!


  1. Hands-on/in-person instruction at quilt shops, especially to learn how to properly use rotary cutters.
  2. Watch video tutorials from instructors like Eleanor Burns and Jenny Doan or AccuQuilt's YouTube channel.
  3. Join a group or attend sewing sessions.
  4. Shadow a friend who quilts. Try their products and tools before buying your own.
  5. Learn a ¼” seam allowance and make sure it measures ¼” unless you have AccuQuilt's cutting dies, which already includes this 1/4" allowance.
  6. Start with a small project.
  7. Only buy fabric you need for a particular project.
  8. Get a quality sewing machine that has a ¼ foot and provides a consistent stitch. It doesn’t need to be expensive.
  9. Choose colors and fabric that you like and will enjoy working with.
  10. Only invest in tools you’ll really use.
  11. Iron your fabric as you go.
  12. Accuracy is important, so measure twice, and cut once.
  13. Don’t get discouraged or judge yourself too harshly.
  14. Have a dedicated and comfortable work space.
  15. Be patient, and take your time.
  16. Have fun.
  17. There are no mistakes. Imperfections can ultimately be perfections.
  18. Just start.
  19. Finish each project before you start another.
  20. And, last but certainly not least, Buy a GO! Fabric Cutter to get the most accurate and perfect cuts!


A big "Thank you" to our AccuQuilt Facebook family for sharing your expertise and giving much-needed advice to quilting for beginners everywhere! Now, let's start quilting.


Do you have any favorite quilting for beginners tips? If so, leave them in the comments.


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