6 Tips to Store and Organize Your Fabric Cutter Dies

Jan 14, 2014 11:26:46 AM / by AccuQuilt

 It’s a new year and time to get your ever-growing collection of GO! and Studio fabric cutter dies organized and stored in a manner that keeps them damage-free and easily accessible to you. These six tips will help you to properly store your dies, so you can use them for years to come.




Additionally, we know you’re anxious to get those dies rolling through your fabric cutter and wouldn't want to waste any time searching for a particular die!

  1. Dies should be stored on their sides or ends like books, with their labels facing out for easy access.
  1. Never stack your dies on top of each other as this can compress the foam and potentially damage the blades.
  1. Store your dies in a bookcase, lateral file, cart on wheels, file holders, drawers, or the GO! Die Storage Rack(s).
  1. Keep a binder for the packaging, which includes patterns and other important die information.
  1. Organize dies into categories such as strips, squares, geometric shapes, flowers, etc.
  1. Organize dies in numerical order and then keep a spreadsheet that lists all dies by the number, name, cut size, finish size and mat. And you can register your dies, so you know which dies you already own.

fabric cutter die shapes


best fabric cutter shapes


These are just a few simple ways that you can store your dies. If you have other ideas and creative ways of storing your dies, we’d love to hear about them. Or, feel free to take a photo and send it to us by replying to this blog or on Facebook.

It’s important to protect your investment, so we hope these tips will help you to keep your dies in the best possible condition.


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Written by AccuQuilt

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