LeMoyne Star Quilted Pillow

Dec 16, 2015 9:00:49 AM / by Sherri McConnell

Hi! It's Sherri from A Quilting Life here today with a simple LeMoyne Star quilted pillow tutorial. You'll love how quick and easy the LeMoyne Star block goes together with the  AccuQuilt GO! LeMoyne Star die.

Okay...let's get started. First gather up your supplies. For one pillow you'll need (2) 10" x 10" print fabric squares and (2) 10" x 10" background fabric squares. You'll also need (2) 10" x 10" fabric squares for the pillow back, a 12" x 12" batting scrap, and a 9" x 9" purchased or handmade pillow insert. (I couldn't decide on which fabrics to use for my pillow, so you'll see some extras in the photos).

There is a great quilt pattern that comes with the die, and you might have so much fun making these blocks that you'll decide to make a whole quilt. This would be a fun quilt in just red and white or with every block from a different fabric.




Use your GO! Cutter, your fabrics, and the LeMoyne Star die to cut out all of the pieces. I actually stacked my 4 print fabrics and cut them first and then stacked my background fabrics and cut them out. You will end up with (2) small triangles, (2) large triangles, and (2) diamonds from each fabric square. Separate the various sizes and shapes into different piles to make it easy to lay out the blocks.




The LeMoyne star block is actually made by first making block "quarter sections." It's easiest if you lay out all of the pieces for each quarter section first as shown below.




Begin by sewing a print small triangle to a background diamond and also sewing the print diamond to a small background triangle as shown below. Only the two large triangles will remain unsewn at this point.




Next add a large triangle to each unit from the previous step: you will add the large print triangle to the unit with the large background diamond, and you will add the large background triangle to the unit with the large print diamond.




You now have two units that are mirror images of each other. Sew these two units together.



Now you have one completed quarter unit. You will need to make three more of these units to make one LeMoyne Star block. By chain piecing the various steps above these blocks can be put together very quickly!


DSCN3297 I

used several different fabrics to see how the designs would play out in this block. There are also several variations on the block included with the block instruction page...there are lots of fun possibilities with this block.



decided to use two different style of quarter units for my block and place them diagonally opposite from one another in my final block layout. Sew the top two units together then press the seam open. Sew the bottom two units together, also pressing the seam open. Then, sew the upper and lower sections together to complete the LeMoyne Star block.

Center the block on the 12" x 12" batting square and quilt as desired. I used straight line "stitch in the ditch" quilting around the outline of the star. I lengthened my stitch length so it would look a little more like hand stitching. Trim the batting even with the edges of the quilt block after quilting.




make a simple pillow flap back for this block, trim the pillow back squares to measure 9 1/2" x 7 1/2". You need two of these units to make the pillow back.




Fold in 1/2" on one of the 9 1/2" sides. Press. Fold over again, press and stitch. Repeat for the other 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" rectangle.

Next, layer your pillow front right sides up and then place one of the pillow back rectangles on top of it, lining up the outside edges. The pressed and sewn side of the rectangle goes on the inside, right side matching to the right side of the pillow top. Layer the second pillow back rectangle on top in the same manner. Pin to secure and then stitch 1/4" all around the outside edges of the pillow.




After stitching, trim the corners to make it easier to turn the pillow right side out. Turn right side out and press well.




Your pillow top is now complete! Stuff with a ready-made pillow insert or make your own. Your pillow is now ready to use as a decoration...or is ready to give as a gift. These little pillows go together quickly...and with the ease of cutting using the AccuQuilt GO! cutter, you might not be able to make just one!




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Sherri McConnell

Written by Sherri McConnell