Lessons with Eleanor Burns - GO! Blazing Star

Jun 24, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is back again, only this time to share tips about her own design, the GO! Blazing Star-12" Finished die. Eleanor says this is the kind of block in which you really need to have a GO! Fabric Cutter. It's another Block-on-Board (BOB) die that gives you all the shapes you need for one block, so you only have to pass it through the cutter once to get the entire block.

Eleanor refers to the shapes in this block as "outer points" and "inner points" and says it looks a bit challenging, but it's really not if you follow the directions in the GO! Blazing Star Wall Hanging Pattern. Even Eleanor still refers back to her own pattern just to double check that she has everything right. The directions are excellent and easy to follow, too. 

Eleanor's Blazing Star Block Tips

  • To avoid confusion and to make things easier for yourself, use tape to label each shape on your die with letters such as A for the background, B for the outer points, C for the dark fabric, etc.
  • It's best to cut the GO! Blazing Star-12" Finished die with the short sides of the shapes going through the fabric cutter first.
  • After cutting, lay out your pieces to make sure you have them going in the right direction and your fabric is on the correct side.
  • Even though the pattern looks complicated, keep in mind that you're simply sewing straight lines.
  • Leave the connecting threads after you assembly line sew, because it's like a pin.
  • Try to sew with the dark fabric on top as you can set your seams that way and press towards the dark fabric as well.

Watch Eleanor as she shows you how to make these blocks.



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