Lessons with Eleanor Burns - GO! Eagle

Jul 15, 2016 1:00:01 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is back again with tips about her own incredible and fun die design: GO! Eagle by Eleanor Burns. Eleanor loves this design so much, because it's so patriotic. And since Eleanor was born on July 3, she likes to think of 4th of July as a celebration for herself, too. She always dresses in red, white, and blue on her birthday as well. Eleanor's parents used to tell her she was an early firecracker that popped too soon! We would agree that she is indeed a firecracker with a wonderfully explosive personality!

As for this bald eagle design ... not only is it fun to make, but it's the national bird of the United States; therefore, it's great for making Quilts of Valor, celebrating this nation's birthday or others' birthdays, and to simply show your patriotism.


Eleanor's GO! Eagle Block Tips

  • You can also make this block with the GO! Qube-9" Block Set.
  • Lay out all the fabric (wool is best) pieces for the bird on your die. Preferably, use a striped fabric for the shield.
  • Use a hand blanket stitch around the outside edges, and then put little triangles around it to complete the design. Just use simple quilting, so as not to ruin the effect of the eagle.
  • Arrange your pieces on top of a mat, so you can easily transport it to the ironing board.
  • Fuse it down, use steam, then turn it over and do the same thing on the back side.

Watch Eleanor in action below!



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