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Jun 10, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is back with more great tips on using the ultra versatile GO! BOB dies. This week she's featuring another one of her all-time favorite Block-on-Board (BOB) dies: GO! Snowball-6" Finished. This die also makes you think of a stop sign. Eleanor actually has a big red stop sign in her home specifically for her grandchildren's timeouts. She says it works because any age can read it!

GO! BOB dies are extremely convenient, as you get all the shapes you need for a block on one die. That means only one pass through the fabric cutter can give you six blocks (using 100% cotton fabric of course) in seconds.

Here are a few tips from Eleanor that can help you when making projects using the GO! Snowball die.

Eleanor's Snowball Block Tips

  • If you use the Stitch in the Ditch method, it really brings out the block dimensions.
  • Embellish your Snowball blocks with a 9-patch using the strip cutter die like in this GO! Stoplights Quilt Pattern.
  • Pinning isn't necessary, as your pieces will match up easily. Just press in the opposite direction - toward the triangles and toward the 9-patch.
  • Consider using layer cakes since the fabric is already beautifully arranged, and you don't have to waste time thinking about it.
  • Utilize the scraps from your layer cakes to make the triangles and cornerstones.
  • Sew all of your triangles to all four sides first, as assembly line sewing gets confusing on these blocks.
  • Snowball blocks look really great in large scale prints, but solids are nice as well and it will give you a really different look.
  • Try making your borders narrow.


  • Use your old food containers, particularly those that were previously home to fruits like blueberries and raspberries, then store your cut triangles in them. They keep the stacks nice and neat.

See Eleanor in action below, and check out the variety of ways you can make these blocks.




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