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Mar 25, 2015 9:00:35 AM / by AccuQuilt

Hi everyone. I’m Diana from V-Stitch Designs. Today I’m giving you a little quilting tutorial on how to use GO! appliqué shapes with GO! embroidery designs to make your appliqué really pop on your quilting projects.

STEP 1: Cut your GO! appliqué shape.


Vstitch 1


For my project, I am using the GO! Fun Flower appliqué die. If you are using fusible web, adhere it to your fabric before you cut it. Then, put your fabric and mat on your die and run it through the cutter to get a perfectly cut appliqué shape.

STEP 2: Mark where you want to place your appliqué on your project.

Determine where you want to place your appliqué on your project and mark the center of that space. Hoop your project using templates (or the method you prefer) to get an accurate placement for your appliqué.

STEP 3: Go to your embroidery machine.


Vstitch 2


Bring up the embroidery design on your machine. For this tutorial, I’m using the GO! Fun Flower Freebie Embroidery Designs by V-Stitch Designs. Then attach the hoop to your machine.

Refer to the instructions that came with your embroidery design to see the order in which your design will stitch. For the V-Stitch design that I am using, the first color to stitch out will be a placement line. The placement line shows you where to place your cut-out appliqué. If you did not use a fusible web on the back of your fabric, you will need to use a glue stick to adhere your cut-out to your project. Then place your cut-out within the placement line.


Vstitch 3


According to my embroidery design instructions, the next color will be the tack down stitch. Some designers will skip this step. I like to have a tack down stitch to be sure the edge of the fabric is secure so any embellishing that is done before the appliqué edge doesn’t cause the fabric to shift.

The third color is the final appliqué edge that will give you the decorative edge for your appliqué design. Colors 4 and 5 in my sample are for embellishing the flower. Note -sometimes you will stitch some of the embellishments before the final appliqué edge. I recommend always checking your design instructions before starting.


Vstitch 4


Here’s the finished project.


Vstitch 5


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