Tuesday Tips with Eleanor Burns: Chisels Braid Table Runner

Jan 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is back again showing you how to make and sew the Chisels Braid Table Runner using the GO! Chisels die. You can find this pattern in the Chisels Quilt Pattern Booklet. Additionally, the booklet includes two more inspirational patterns, which not only use this versatile die, but also the GO! Half Square Triangle-3" die.

Making the Braid

1. Fold medium and dark 4" x 22" strips wrong sides together. Chisels are mirror image of each other in Braid. Cut at least nine strips for variety.

2. Optional: Fold Background 4" x 22" strips wrong sides together. You may not want light Chisels in your Braid.

3. Layer cut three 4" strips at one time on Chisel die.

4. Take first pair and open right side up. Pieces are mirror image. (Left and Right Stacks)

5. Open second pair and stack on top. Continue opening and stacking all pairs.

6. Take Left stack, divide in half, and place bottom half on top. Top Chisel should be different in color, value and print from Right stack.

Sewing the Braid

Plan to sew Braid in random order from left and right stacks of Chisels, or plan your braid by laying out and picking up Chisels in order.

1. Take top Left Chisel and top Right Chisel.

2. Flip Right Chisel to Left Chisel, right sides together. Line up top edges, and sew with accurate 1/4" seam. Clip threads half way down.

3. Turn over so Left Chisel is on top.

4. Finger-press seam toward Left Chisel. Do not press seams with iron until end of Braid because bias edges stretch.

5. Place Left Chisel. Flip Braid right sides together to Left Chisel.

6. Line up top edge, and let tip hang over at bottom. Sew, finger pressing seam down. Tip is approximately 1/4".

7. Open. Finger press seam away from Left Chisel.

8. Flip Right Chisel right sides together to Braid.

9. Line up top edges, and let 1/4" tip hang over at bottom. Sew, pressing underneath seam down.

10. Finger-press seam away from Right Chisel.

Get the Chisels Braid Table Runner Pattern and two other free patterns in the Quilt in a Day Chisels Quilt Pattern Booklet by Eleanor Burns today!


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