Tuesday Tips with Eleanor Burns: Hunter's Star

Oct 27, 2015 9:00:05 AM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor is offering you some great tips to help you with your Hunter's Star projects this holiday season. Eleanor says the GO! Hunter Star is the best BOB block ever and that there is no way she’d ever try to make this block without AccuQuilt! As a reminder, the BOB (Block on Board) die allows you to create an entire block with just one die. We have more than 40 BOB dies for your creative pleasure!

You can also download Eleanor's Hunter's Star pattern booklet featuring three patterns.

Now, check out these six fabulous tips on the Hunter's Star from Eleanor!

1. Pick two distinctively contrasting fabrics. Batiks work well, as they are stiff and feed through the GO! Fabric Cutter very easily. For a prizewinning quilt, pick out really gorgeous colors. With batiks, if you mess up, you can’t tell the right side from the wrong side.

2. There are four parts on the die: two diamonds, a triangle, and a trapezoid. There are two sides to the diamonds, a square side at a 90-degree angle and the other one is an angle. Look at the Hunter's Star pattern and match up the square ends at the top and the angles at the bottom.

3. Press your seams to the dark side. You have to do this with every seam; otherwise it won’t lock together.

4. Pins tend to shift, so if you don’t pin, everything locks and you just work. When at a locking part, just line it up, put your finger on the fabric, and when it’s flat you will know it’s locked together. Go across that match point and then go to the next match point and it will lock together. Use your stiletto to hold your fabric down when necessary.

5. Once you line up your four blocks together make sure the tips are perfect because if you don’t have perfect tips you’re never going to have a good star. Always make vertical rows, flipping right sides together.

6. When all of your blocks are sewn together, turn over and swirl clockwise. Press everything clockwise from 12, 3, 6, 9, (hands going to the right) so you get a pinwheel in the center. Use your fingertip and keep pressing down the pinwheel. When you get that little pinwheel in the center every single seam is right side up. It makes it look even better on the other side. (When you take it to a longarm quilter with it not being flat, it breaks her needle every time she goes through that thickness.)

Watch Eleanor in this video and see these useful tips on the GO! Hunter Star in action. Eleanor also shows you numerous creative projects in the video, including scrappy and reversible quilts! Don't forget to download the Quilt in a Day Hunter's Star Quilts Pattern Booklet by Eleanor Burns, too!



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