Ultimate Guide to Shopping for a Quilter

Dec 18, 2019 3:54:34 PM / by AccuQuilt

It's the season of giving and that means you've probably been searching for the perfect present for the special someones in your life. Sometimes it can be really challenging to know what to get, even if you know a loved one really well. We can't help you with everyone, but we can give you a little advice about the right last minute gift for the quilter on your list. Read on for last minute gift ideas or to help build your wish list. 

Precut Fabric

If you know the taste and style of your quilter, a nice set of precut fabrics will always win praise. Precuts come in tons of shapes, sizes and price points and have a variety of prints and colors by one fabric company. Even better, the packaging and presentation looks amazing enough to not need wrapping, so don't hesitate to toss it right in a gift basket.


If you have never purchased fabric before, don't sweat it! All the fabric designers in the Fabric Collections section of the GO! Quilt pattern customizer will be quilt quality, or visit any of our retailer quilt shops and you will find a knowledgeable helping hand to guide you. 


GO Quilt Fabric Collections screenshot for holiday gifting ideas


Eleanor Burn's NEW Book

Eleanor Burns and AccuQuilt partnered up to create yet another amazing quilt book! The GO! Outside the Box book (#1095) features AccuQuilt-friendly patterns that any quilter, beginner or experienced, will love. If the quilter in your life doesn't have an AccuQuilt fabric cutter, rotary cutters can also be used to create these designs. If your quilter is an AccuQuilt user, the book explains how to rethink the GO! Mix & Match Qube Blocks so you get even more possibilities from your dies and tools. Plus, Eleanor adds a ton of amazing little nuggets of advice that all quilters would love to know. 


eleanor burns and accuquilt book, go outside the box, on top of an accuquilt go fabric cutter


If your quilter doesn't have Eleanor's first book with AccuQuilt, GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts (#1091), you should pick that up too. It's a great introductory to all the wonderful ways to use a GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks.



There are a ton of affordable quilting accessories every quilter will always be happy to receive. A basket or stocking full of notions are quick to put together and universally appreciated. Ask any quilter how many pairs of scissors they have and just how many they can find when they need them. The answer is there will never be enough in their sewing room.


Below are some safe bets:

  • Rotary cutter
  • Rotary cutter blades (if you know what rotary cutter they use)
  • Sewing machine needles
  • Hand sewiing needles
  • Self-healing cutting mats
  • Bobbin spools or pre-threaded bobbins
  • Scissors (large and fall)
  • Seam ripper
  • Pins 
  • Clips
  • Acrylic rulers (there are tons of shapes and sizes and all have a ton of possibilities)

Travel Totes

Quilting is a social craft. In fact, the history of quilting tells many stories of people coming together to finish quilts as a community. That tradition has made its way to modern quilting through classes, clubs and groups. Quilters of all skill levels often pack up their sewing machines and travel down to a local quilt shop or community center to work alongside others, so a nice, safe way to transport all their notions and machinery will be a welcome gift. We have rolling tote bags that reduce the amount of heavy lifting and lower the chance that your dear quilter could get hurt.


Fusible and Batting

Fusible is the material sewists use when sewing appliqué and batting is the internal material that makes a quilt fluffy and comfortable. Both materials are very important to someone who sews and will always be put to use, so you can't go wrong buying one of these!


Design Wall

Design walls are blank spaces where quilters can test block and color placement or plan the overall design of their projects before sewing a stitch. Without a design wall, quilters have to lay blocks out on their floor or find another surface large enough to fit their project. Often made of flannel or foam board, design walls grip all the important pieces of a block ensuring quilters don't lose or damage any part of their work. This can be a dream come true to quilters with children or pets. 


There are quite a few approaches to creating a design wall so consider the space your quilter has to work with. If they have an entire sewing room, a commercial design wall, composite board with flannel or a stiff foam board, neutral cork board or cardboard with pins make a great permanent solution. If your quilter works in a space instead of a room, flannel sheets or even the fuzzy back of a vinyl table cloth can be hung on a wall when in use then rolled for storage at all other times. There are a few other portable solutions depending on your gift giving budget.


Storage & Organization Solutions

Skimming clearly shows that quilting requires a lot of stuff, big and small. Many quilters have an entire room dedicated to the craft. Regardless of the space they do or don't have, quilters love storage and ways to better organize their quilting lives. Take a look at 10 Storage & Organization Tips for Quilters and AccuQuilt Die Storage - The Perfect Gift for quilter tested and approved organization tips and products.


Some gift-worthy goodies:

  • Thread organizer racks
  • Planner for project organization
  • Grid wall or peg boards with hooks
  • Binder with plastic sleeves for loose patterns, packaging and machine books/warranties
  • Baskets - decorative baskets make cute alternatives to gift bags or wrapping
  • AccuQuilt die storage boxes or racks


AccuQuilt storage and racks for dies in front of white wall and on white desk with rulers and rotary cutter


GO! Qubes Mix & Match Block

While we're on the subject, the GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks make amazing gifts. Placed in a nice, neat and easy to wrap package, the GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks come in five different sizes (6", 8", 9", 10" and 12") and include eight dies of eight basic geometric shapes.


accuquilt go qube dies blocks for 6 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch


Each block includes instructions for 72 quilt block designs, but that's just the beginning of what the GO! Qube can do. Grab the GO! Qube Companion Sets - Corners or Angles and that takes your quilt blocks up to 144 possibilities. Get a GO! Qube Mix & Match Block and both corresponding companion sets and the quilter you love will have 216 block designs!


Blocks on Board® (BOB®s)

Blocks on Board, or BOBs as we like to call them, are dies that include all the shapes needed to create an entire quilt block on one die board. These are great for an AccuQuilt user who wants to get to the sewing right away. You can cut an entire quilt block in one to two passes through an AccuQuilt fabric cutter – no trimming or dog ears to worry about. These are great for beginner quilters who are just starting their quilt designing journey or the intermediate quilter who is ready to give curved piecing a try.


AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter

If your quilter isn't an AccuQuilt user, now is a great time to change that! AccuQuilt fabric cutters are safer, more accurate and can cut fabric 90% faster than a rotary cutter. With a fabric cutter, quilters make better quilts and can get far more done in less time. We're always adding more dies and products that make quilting better for our customers.


accuquilt go fabric cutter with holiday applique die


If you're not sure what cutter is right for your quilter, take a look at this fabric cutter comparison sheet and give the "Which AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter is Right for You" video a watch. Otherwise, take a quick look at the below details for a quick synopsis of each:


  • AccuQuilt GO!: A manual fabric cutter that is operated by hand crank. This is the perfect cutter for all level of quilters. It folds for easy storage, too!
  • AccuQuilt GO! Big: An electric fabric cutter that automatically cuts fabric. This is great for the everyday quilter, especially those with physical impairments.
  • Studio 2: A commercial-grade cutter with a hand-operated crank. This cutter was originally created for shop owners or those who handle large workloads and is compatible with all AccuQuilt dies. While it folds, the Studio 2 typically needs a dedicated space.


Gift of Time

If there's one thing quilters can't ever get enough of, it's time. When the quilter on your list seems to have all the notions and supplies they could ever need, you might have to get a little creative. While you can't create more time, you can help relieve responsibilities from their schedule. Put together a coupon book of chores and errands that you will take on to free up their quilting time. If you can, try to associate each responsibility with how much time it will take so that your quilter can visualize what they're getting back to their day.


What will you get the quilter in your life? The season of giving is upon us and chances are your quilter has shared their talent with you many times before now. Did our list give you any amazing ideas? What would you want to see under your tree? Share with us in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to our blog so you get helpful advice and tutorials like this directly to your inbox!


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