Unboxing my Ready. Set. GO! System

Jan 11, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Raye Hines

Hi there! I’m Raye, the owner, and designer behind The Homebody Company. I fell in love with sewing many years ago. I used to stay with my grandma after school, and she let me make far too many tiny pillows at her machine.

When I was in college, we made my first quilt shortly before she passed.

After that, the passion for sewing struck again.


Raye Hines, The Homebody Company


Since then, my sewing adventure has gone full steam ahead. I started an Etsy shop because I just wanted to own and run a business of my own. I sold practically anything I made.

I entered the work world after graduating from college. Despite my job duties, though, I still felt the need to sew and share my creativity with others.

*enter the world of quilt pattern designing*

As soon as I sketched out my first idea, I felt that I had truly found a space in which I belonged. I felt that I could be 10,000% authentically myself while sharing my designs with the world. 

It's been an amazing adventure watching my style and shop evolve. I'm excited that it continues to do so with each new project I share. 



What I Got in My Ready. Set. GO! Complete Starter Pack

Now for the fun stuff...all the goodies that came with my Ready. Set. GO! Complete Starter Pack. 

This pack really is the best way to get started with the AccuQuilt system in my opinion. It gives you everything you need to get started. There's no need to worry about what mats, dies, or accessories you may need to make your first block! 




See the full unboxing of my starter pack and other fun goodies in the video below.



WATCH: Full Unboxing of Ready. Set. GO!



As I learn, I’ll be sharing my journey of using AccuQuilt as a newbie with all of you. I'll also share the fun projects I've got planned for 2022! 



AccuQuilt Ready Set GO! System Cutter and Dies



I got the Ready. Set. GO! Complete Starter Pack with the 8” block. It includes:



This starter pack gives you so many options, and I was quickly able to rework an upcoming pattern with the dies that are included in it.

It's also super easy to get started with the free pattern booklet that's included - as well as tutorials that are available for beginners.



My AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO! System Plans


Free Quilt Pattern

The first thing I'm excited about is my first quilt pattern using the system!

I have it all planned and written up and will be sharing the process on my YouTube channel in an upcoming video series. You'll get a free pattern, and I'll share step-by-step directions.

From my starter pack, I'll be using the GO! Square-4 1/2" (4" Finished) and GO! Half Square Triangle-2" Finished Square from the 8” Qube. Plus, the chisel from my GO! Qube 8" Companion Set -Corners



Each of these sets also comes with the 6” x 6” cutting mat that you need to use the machine. I love that I have multiple on hand so that I can rotate through them to help them last a bit longer! 



Adding AccuQuilt Directions to a Current Pattern

Second, I’ll be adding in AccuQuilt compatible directions to one of my already launched quilt patterns. This will significantly decrease the time it takes to make the quilt - both while cutting and piecing.

Can you guess which pattern it may be? 



AccuQuilt GO! System is so Versatile

I am SO excited for the chance to use my AccuQuilt GO! System for my upcoming projects.

To my surprise, using the system didn’t involve many changes to my projects thanks to the variety of dies AccuQuilt offers.

I really do believe that this is going to reduce my cutting time for quilts - and that just means more time to make more quilts!  ;)

Happy sewing! 

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