6 Months of Lessons with Edyta Sitar

May 28, 2016 12:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

If you've already added the GO! Qube Specialty Set - Serendipity by Edyta Sitar to your collection, then get ready to have a lot of fun the next six months with her Block of the Month Pattern: GO! Qube Blooming Block. This pattern, along with seven other block patterns, is included in this new and exciting Specialty Set. These six blocks consist of flower baskets that have a different flower for each month. You will be amazed at the variety of flower options you have with Edyta's incredible designs. Making these cheerful blocks is certainly something to look forward to as we head into summer. However, if you're feeling antsy and want to make the blocks all at once, feel free since you have the pattern. Like Edyta says, "Once you get your Qube, you won't be able to stop creating and having fun!"

The embroidery designs in the Serendipity by Edyta Sitar set have been specially digitized to make for perfect design placement. If you're new to embroidery, you will find this CD especially helpful to you as you prepare to make your Block of the Month. Additionally, each design includes a blanket, motif, and satin stitch. You will also love Edyta's detailed pattern instructions and won't have any problems at all following them.

If you haven't purchased this Specialty Set yet, here's a glimpse of what you need to get started with your 6 months of Lessons with Edyta and to achieve perfect embroidery:

Edyta Tips

  • If you need to, rely on your local quilt shop to help you select fabric for your Blooming Blocks.
  • Prepare little fabric kits for yourself containing at least 8 fabrics that have been pressed. Select fabrics that remind you of leaves, branches, flowers.
  • You can make a bigger bloom in your flower basket by simply cutting more flowers.
  • Always position your flower basket 1" away from the bottom edge.
  • You could always just make a nice little wall hanging with one Block of the Month and put it in a frame.
  • If you're using wool, remember it's thicker, so you should only run 1-2 layers through your GO! Fabric Cutter. You don't even have to use fusible web if you don't want to, and since wool is felted you don't have to worry about frayed edges.
  • When you get to the sashings and cornerstones, take your time and don't rush through it. Push the seam allowances in one direction and press, as it will cut down on the bulk in these small pieces.

We hope you have fun creating Edyta's GO! Qube Blooming Block Quilt. We'd love to see your flower basket bouquets!

Happy Creating!



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