Comparing GO! and Studio Dies

Oct 4, 2016 1:00:37 PM / by AccuQuilt

Although they both have the same fantastic die cutting capabilities, there are some major differences between our GO! dies and Studio dies, so please see a few helpful reminders below.

  1. Our GO! dies are lightweight in comparison to many Studio dies, which are made mostly of wood and are heavier and thicker.
  2. GO! dies have two-tone foam so you can easily see the shapes you need to cut, but the Studio dies do not have two-tone foam. The GO! dies are green and have "GO!" etched on the back side.
  3. Many Studio and GO! dies have multiple shapes on the die, but Studio dies tend to have even more shapes.
  4. You can cut up to six layers of 100% cotton fabric using your GO! dies and GO! Fabric Cutter, but you can cut up to 10 layers of fabric with the Studio dies and Studio 2 Fabric Cutter.
  5. GO! dies and Studio dies have a significant height difference; therefore, you cannot put Studio dies through the GO! Baby, GO!, or GO! Big fabric cutters.



Notice the size difference of the dies when side-by-side




Correct - Only GO! dies can be used in the GO! fabric cutters




Wrong - Studio dies will not fit in GO! fabric cutters

Learn more about the differences between GO! and Studio dies from Pam and Loretta in the video below.




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