Happy St. Patrick's Day and Facts About the Color Green

Mar 17, 2016 3:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Today is the day to celebrate everything green! From green beer to broccoli, green is the color to be today. 


Here are some interesting facts about the color green.

  • Green is a secondary color made by combining the primary colors blue and yellow. 
  • Green is across from red on the color wheel making red its complimentary color. Think of all the beautiful red and green at Christmas quilts.
  • Green is the color of Ireland, also known as  the “Emerald Isle."
  • Green is the color of prosperity. (Would that be why our money is green?)
  • Green is the color of jealousy. (Green-eyed monster?)
  • Green symbolizes eternal life in Japan.
  • Green has more shades than any other color. The shades can vary from yellow-greens to those with a hint of blue.  Aqua or turquoise are colors that are usually half green and half blue.


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Written by AccuQuilt


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