Spend Less Time Cutting and Make More Quilts!

Apr 25, 2017 3:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Does an AccuQuilt Cutter Really Save You Time?

The answer is yes, without a doubt! There are many ways that using an AccuQuilt fabric cutter makes your life easier, and most importantly, saves you time.


As any quilter knows, the cutting part of the quilt making process is the most time-consuming part. Not only does it involve careful measuring (and re-measuring if you really want it right), but each piece is traditionally cut by hand with either scissors or a rotary tool.


Problems with Scissors and Rotary Tools

While after years of experience, you may get good at cutting quickly using these old methods, scissors are not very efficient and can leave you with tired, sore, blistered and overworked hands. A rotary cutter requires you to pay close attention to both the blade and ruler while cutting. If one or the other slips you’ll see inaccurate cuts, which means you’re wasting fabric. Plus, even with a rotary cutter your hand can still get sore and tired.


AccuQuilt to the Rescue – Better Cuts Make Better Quilts

AccuQuilt’s fabric die cutters change all of this. With an AccuQuilt cutter you can reduce your cutting time by up to 90%, all the while saving your hands (and sanity). You’ll also get perfect cuts every time. Yes, really.




Precise and Fast Cuts

All AccuQuilt products feature innovative designs that help you make quilts easier, faster, and better. Ergonomic design means you can cut more and eliminate the strain on your fingers, hands, and wrists. Less strain when cutting means you can get the fun parts faster. You’ll be piecing together your perfectly cut, colorful pieces and sewing your quilt in no time.




Each fabric cutter uses cutting dies and allows you to cut up to six layers of cotton fabric at once. Your cuts are perfect because the dies are sharp and clean. They’re surrounded by protective foam and ready for you to use the easy hand crank to glide your die over your fabric. If you’re using a GO! Big, you simply need to push the button!


How Else Does my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter Save Time?

AccuQuilt dies have innovative features to help you cut perfect pieces for your quilts. Two-Tone Foam™ makes it easy to see where your shape is and align your fabric correctly when cutting. AccuQuilt dies also cut dog-eared corners for you and include ¼” seam allowances. Dies with curved shapes feature notches for easy piecing. These time-saving elements help you to put your quilt together like a pro, and tackle large or complex patterns with ease.



Two Tone Foam Dies



1/4" Seam Allowance/Clipped Dog-Eared Corners



Notches Line Up



No More Wasted Time or Fabric                

The importance of accuracy when making a quilt cannot be stressed enough. AccuQuilt makes it easy for you. With perfect cuts every time, you don’t have to waste time re-cutting pieces because of measuring mistakes or a slip of a ruler. Also, putting together your quilt is painless with thorough patterns and instructions. These include numbered diagrams and reference charts so you can match up all your pieces and All the GO! Fabric Cutters come with pattern ideas that coordinate with the dies that are a part of the starter set. In addition, hundreds of free patterns are available on AccuQuilt.com




Written by AccuQuilt


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