Lessons with Eleanor Burns - GO! Churn Dash

Jul 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is on a modern quilt roll, and she can't believe it! She has succumbed to the ease and convenience of using the GO! Churn Dash-12" die, a great Block-on-Board (BOB) die that gives you all the shapes you need for one block. The Churn Dash also comes in the 9" finished square. For the 9", you can cut one full block with one pass through your fabric cutter using four layers of fabric, and you can cut two full blocks for the 12" using four layers of fabric.

Although Eleanor made Churn Dash quilts in the early 80s and could whip them out fairly quickly, she now sees that the GO! Churn Dash-12" die makes everything even quicker and all the pieces match up perfectly.

The Churn Dash is a great beginner block with a lot of possibilities. You can set it straight with lattice and cornerstones, or you can put it on point. Today, Eleanor chose to do one with fussy cuts, and it is fantastic! See her in action in the video below.

Eleanor's Churn Dash Block Tips

  • Draw an "X" on the center patch portion of your Churn Dash die, and select a fabric that will make a great fussy cut. For the rest of the die, rough cut your fabric and leave about a 1/2" on each side.
  • Find the center of your fussy cut fabric by folding it one way through the center and then pressing it. Open it up and then fold through the center in the opposite direction. Put a pin in the center temporarily, and make sure the fussy cut matches up on the die.
  • Put the right sides of your fabric together when you roll it through the cutter, so you don't have to reorganize your pieces when you begin sewing. You just pick up the top two pieces, and they are ready to sew. This will allow you to sew continuously.
  • A fussy cut block will really brighten up your quilt if you select the right fabric.



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