See How Easily You Cut a Mug Rug with AccuQuilt Dies

Jun 3, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's me Bea again from Did you know it's pretty easy to FUSSY cut pieces with Accuquilt dies? I'll show you how.

This mug rug is made with this fun coffee mug fabric and scraps of a matching brown dotted fabric.


mug rug1 AccuQuilt


Then the 2", 3" and 5" AccuQuilt GO! hexagon die 55011.




and the matching equilateral AccuQuilt GO! triangles die 55079




Of course you can make this using whatever size hexagon you'd like, with my fabric it seems like the middle 3" hexagon was a good fit for the print.

First pick which part of the fabric you want to use and make sure it has 6 exact repeats. Here I used the light blue mud with a cinnamon stick in it.

Since this hexagon needs to be on point, I cut out 3 1/2" squares by lining up the ruler and finding the same point on one cup and line it up with the matching spot on the same cup further down on the fabric, then cut out 6 of them.


mug rug2 AccuQuilt


It's good to have plenty of empty space around it so you can turn the squares on the die however you want them


mug rug3 AccuQuilt


Lay out the 6 layers of the coffee fabric and 1 brown (since I have the AccuQuilt GO BIG! I can easily do 7 layers) have the bottom of the design (the mud) be by the tip of the hexagon, NOT the straight edges.

Also cut out 12 matching triangles in brown.


mug rug4 AccuQuilt


Here you can see how the bottom edge of the mug under the handle is by the point of the hexagon!

Lay out the hexagons and triangles and turn the hexagons so that same point always points toward the center of the brown hexagon


mug rug5


Start sewing pieces together, it's great to have the dog ears cut off of the triangles, they line up perfectly!

I usually don't pin much but did with these just so I knew which side that triangles needed to be sewn to :)


mug rug6


sew them all together into rows, so two hexagons in the first row, the 3 hexagons with the brown on the 2nd row and the last 2 hexagons on the last row


mug rug7

mug rug8


Then sew the top together


mug rug9


To finish the mug rug, I did the inside out method, since it's so small.

Lay a scrap piece of batting down first, then the backing piece right side up and then the mug rug top WRONG side up and pin thru all the layers


mug rug10


Then sew 1/4" around leaving an opening on one side.

Trim away the backing and batting and trim corners.


mug rug11


turn right side out and iron flat and tug in the seam allowance in the opening and press flat too


mug rug12


I closed it with a small whip stitch or more like a ladder stitch in matching thread


mug rug13


A little pin bowl fits nice on top! (or a cup of coffee!)


mug rug14


You can make a bunch of different mug rugs, OR cut out pieces like this several times and make a larger quilt! (I'd recommend still working on rows! so some planning would be needed).



Bea Lee

Written by Bea Lee


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