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Oct 28, 2016 6:30:08 AM / by AccuQuilt

I decided to do my first Texas Shop Hop and make as many stores as I could with my grandchild of a few months, on my own, in my New Prius Electric Car. On the final trek into the Austin/Houston area, my mother-in-law decided that I didn't need to do it alone with her great-grand baby in tow. So, she joined us on her first shop hop, too.

We were headed back on I45 to Dallas and were making good progress. I didn't know that those stretch of roads were a truckers highway haven. There was one truck in front of me and a line of them behind me. At a 70 mph speed limit, another truck starting passing me.

My heart was racing and every driver rule I had ever learned was running through my head. I looked over and my mother-in-law was asleep. I checked  in the rear view mirror and the baby was asleep. Just then, the truck in front of me hit a big rig tire tread. Yes, it hit my car and wrapped around my front driver side tire. Now everyone was awake!

I safely maneuvered off the road. Dallas was 79 miles away and I still had an additional 45 miles to go until home. There was no cell phone service. There were no stores. There were nothing but fields. To make it worse a  thunderstorm that I had been skirting was catching up to us. I kept trying to block out the "I told you not to do it alone" from my hubby that kept running through my mind. Of course, my dear mother-in-law was beside herself and not sure what to do.

WELL, my daddy said I was hardheaded and stubborn. My husband said stuff too, BUT he said I was so smart about stuff it scared him.

I went to my trunk got my sewing supplies and the green quilt bags from each shop that we had visited. I cut the straps off of them. Then I crawled under the front end of my car, lifted the underlying motor cover, and the wheel housing covers and secured them with a running quilting stitch. I placed a knot into the bolt holes and cinched it up.

I pulled into the Honda Dealership repair shop for the estimated damage report.  The service manager came into the waiting area to see me. It seems the guys had never seen anything like my repair and couldn't undo what I had done.

I smiled and walked over to the car that was now up on a lift. I took my scissors out of my purse and with one clip pulled the straps away, as they caught the parts that now had nothing to hold them.

Needless to say they have never forgotten me and I now take care of all their sewing needs!

Vickie, Denton, TX



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Written by AccuQuilt


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