The Free Jeans Rag Quilt

Jun 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

When my grandson was little I made him a rag quilt out of old jeans. We all thought what a great idea - it would be free! 

So I spent many weeks cutting 6 inch squares and then half of them I embroidered with my snoopy machine. I had to have my daughter help hold it when I sewed it, because it was queen size. Then I spent countless nights clipping the seams. 

Then it was time to wash it so it would fray. I put it in my brand new washing machine and washed it. It was ok, but I thought it should have frayed more, so it ran it through again. About half way through the cycle it quit and would not spin.

We tried everything, after all it was a new machine. Nothing worked, so we dipped all the water out, and hung what was now a quilt that seemed to weigh a ton over the deck railing. 

Then I called the repair man. He came and when he took it apart, it was jammed with lint from the fraying. And, since I caused the problem, I had to pay $200.00 dollars for the repair. So much for my free quilt!

It then went to the laundromat to get washed and dried. 

It still came out very nice and he has used it for years and wants a new rag quilt exactly the same.

That is my funny quilt story!

Jeanne B.


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Written by AccuQuilt


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