Tuesday Tips with Eleanor Burns: Easy Tea Towel & Potholder

Dec 15, 2015 12:30:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Eleanor Burns is ready for the holidays and back with a nice fast and easy project that you can make and give to family and friends as gifts. She uses GO! Home by Stacy Michell and the GO! Rick Rack die to make a lovely tea towel with a potholder attached.

See Eleanor’s Tuesday Tips below!

1. You will have to put on a piece of paperback fusible, and I Iike to make my paperback fusible about 1/8” smaller so I don’t junk up my pressing mat.

2. You need to check out what your background is going to be because when I did this one, I really needed to have darker blue or some of these colors just wouldn’t show up.

3. The sun pieces are adorable and I thought about eliminating them, but I always time myself … so I found out if I just time myself then I know it only takes 10 minutes to stitch these down.

4. I found that placing my little pieces were constantly shifting and moving on me so I used my stiletto every time, but I took an applique pressing sheet and I arranged them on there, and then I pressed them on the pressing sheet and used my stiletto to peel them off.

5. You have to be really close with these little sunbeams because if you’re not, you’ll have to pick them all off and start all over again. But remember, 10 minutes to sew these down. Placement is different. Cutting was two minutes. We want to fuse all the trees in one piece to prevent them from moving around.

6. I decided to do a whole strip for the star points, and I put a fusing on the back … 1/8” less. You just accordion fold as much as you need and then cut it off. When I did the trees, I did long strips and I cut them into 5-inch sections, so that I could just cut them and I could get a whole bunch.  With almost everything, I did long strips with fusing on the back, so I got a lot more out of each one of them. So it went a lot faster for me.

7. When you put your Rick Rack on, you put it right sides on and then you fold it to the back and that will prevent the raw edge from being exposed. Then peel back the little seam and tuck the end of the Rick Rack into that seam and sew it down and use a glue to keep your seams from raveling.

“I just hate it when people say ‘I used all of my scraps, I didn’t buy a thing … but here it is, I didn’t buy a thing except the GO! Rick Rack. It was just really fun to dig into my scraps.” ~Eleanor Burns



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