11 Ways to Celebrate National Quilting Day!

Mar 16, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Hooray, it’s National Quilting Day! Celebrated every third Saturday in March, National Quilting Day is for all quilters–beginner, expert and everyone in between. The day is coordinated by The Quilt Alliance and National Quilt Museum as a way to honor and promote the art of quilting. Obviously this craft, rich in history, should have a day all its own. Not sure how to best celebrate the occasion? Consider one of our 11 favorite National Quilting Day ideas:


1. Visit a Local Quilt Shop

Stop by your favorite quilt shop and wish them a happy National Quilting Day. Some quilt stores will be hosting events so you might even run into other quilting lovers who are excited to talk sewing. 


Need help finding a quilting shop? Locate one of our signature retailers near you.


2. Take a Quilting Class or Workshop

There is always a new technique or trend that could be fun to learn, regardless of your skill level. If you don’t know where to find a class, ask your local quilt shop. Chances are they will have classes or know of some happening in the area.


3. Clean Your Sewing Room/Space

You know you’ve been meaning to do it and what better way to honor your love of sewing than by respecting the space in which you work. As a creative, it can be hard to stop the fun stuff in the name of organization, but we can almost guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much more inspired you feel in a cleaner environment. If you're looking for ideas, browse our storage and tote options. You'll find wire racks and specialized boxes for die storage as well as cabinets and tables built specifically for AccuQuilt products. 


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4. Organize Your Fabric Stash

If cleaning the whole sewing space is a little too big of a commitment, focus your attention on one area instead. Organizing your ever-growing fabric stash is a great way to get reacquainted with the patterns and colors you have collected so far and might even inspire a new project. 


Check out these 11 sewing room cleaning tips to get you started.


5. Take on a UFO

Just crossing off one unfinished project could leave you feeling accomplished and excited, and isn’t that exactly how every quilter should be feeling on National Quilting Day? Pick one "object" that only has a days worth of work left to complete. If no such UFOs exist, go for one that can be completed within the week. Spend today deciding how many hours each day you can realistically dedicate to your UFO and try your best to stick to your short term schedule. Any progress is good progress, even if you don't finish the project within the timeline. 


Tip: Spend the following Saturday assessing your expectations and create new daily goals based on what you see. Keep up this habit, being honest about days you need to take off and you'll be crossing off all the UFOs on your list in no time!


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6. Customize a Quilt Pattern

Start planning your next project. Inspiration is everywhere, but GO! Quilt is a great way to look for new pattern ideas. You can even start customizing the colors and fabrics right in the webpage, then download and print for yardage calculations and cutting/sewing instructions.


7. Build a Quilt Bucket List

You've probably heard quilters talk about a pattern or technique being on their “list”. This "list" is a collection of all the projects they hope to one day take on and complete. Challenge yourself by putting together your own quilting bucket list, including a few things that intimidate you. Maybe you want to try hand quilting or maybe you’ve been eyeing the difficult curves of quilting a clamshell shape. Think big and don’t hold back. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish.


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8. Pick Up a Quilting Magazine

Quilting magazines are an amazing source for inspiration and step by step tutorials, but can also be a great way to learn about new trends. Some share tips and advice or even feature interesting shops to visit or quilters to follow.  


9. Find a New Quilting/Sewing Podcast

Maybe your Saturday is going to be too busy to stop and sew. Thankfully, there are great quilting podcasts you can easily listen to while in the car running errands or doing chores around the house. 


10. Get Inspired

We love to get inspired by following boards on Pinterest, hashtags on Instagram, perusing quilting books or being a part of groups on Facebook. Sometimes even a walk outside or flipping through a fabric stash can inspire something new and unexpected.


Take a look at our Sew and Tell page to see what other quilters have created.


11. Share Your Quilting Knowledge

There are so many ways to share your talent and skills with someone else. You can teach a class or simply schedule time with someone who has always wanted to learn to quilt. If possible, inspire the next generation by inviting your kids or grandkids to a sewing lesson with you or giving them the gift of GO! Me.


If your Saturday is all booked with non-quilting fun, at least share something you’ve created in the past on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Be sure to tag us or #AccuQuilt so we can see what you’re working on. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to receive emails as soon as one of our posts goes live! And, have a happy National Quilting Day!


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