7 Ways to Make A Gnome for All Seasons

Dec 4, 2020 1:02:09 PM / by Erica Bottger

Gnomes – they’re not just for gardens anymore! Even a quick look at Pinterest will show you that gnomes are dominating the winter decorating landscape these days, but aren’t they cute enough to say with us all year? Yes indeed, because the GO! Gnome (55210) is just too cute to put away!


So, think about all the seasonal fabric scraps you have, think about different fabrics like felt and wool and let’s see how we can dress up the GO! Gnome for some year-round fun. The GO! Gnomes in the Castle Wall Hanging (PQ11771) would make a great background pattern for a seasonal gnome sampler, or for any holiday or season you would like!

PQ11771 Gnomes in Castle_Hor-2EDITED


Experiment with Materials

Where to start? The sky’s the limit, so be sure to experiment with different fabrics. Traditional quilting cotton is a great start, but don’t overlook felt, flannel, fleece and wool. All will cut perfectly for you on the die, but be sure to start with a single layer and work up when working with thicker fabrics.



Show Off Your Fandoms

Dive into your fun, novelty prints to create gnomes to celebrate all the holidays through the year. Look at ways to fussy cut your fabrics to center designs and really highlight your choices.




Consider embellishments and different fibers. This Thanksgiving gnome’s hat is 2 layers – the first is orange felt topped with burlap. The hat is accented with a sparkly little pumpkin, cut from a novelty print.



Add More Appliqué

Think about pulling shapes from other dies as well. Take a look at this Valentine’s Day gnome who gets his heart from the GO! Cookie Decorations (55211). Think about buttons, rick rack and ribbons, too



Make Minky Beards

Beards are a great place to pull in a fun, furry fabric like minky or monkey fur from Shannon Fabrics. Scraps of fleece would work as well, anything to give your creation more texture!



Gnome and Gnomess

Did you know that a female gnome is known as a gnomess? Create your gnomess by leaving the beard behind and adding some cute braids created with yard, embroidery floss or pearl cotton for a whole new look.



Share the Possibilities

Do you have little ones in your life? Get their help cutting out gnomes so they can build their own unique gnomes, mixing and matching bodies, beards and hats. It could be a great quiet time activity, and one that older children and adults might just have a lot of fun with as well. Below are a few more of our own creations!



What Next?

Once you land on one or two or ten gnomes you love, it's time to find where they will live. Now, we're all for keeping your gnomes as separate pieces as a fun game little ones can play with, but if you want to add them to home decor, here are some great places we think you'll love seeing them season after season:


We hope you’ll have fun creating all kinds of gnomes to accent a variety of project – all year round!


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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger