See How We Surprised the Island Batik Ambassadors!

Feb 9, 2019 8:16:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Each year, Island Batik chooses a team of talented quilters and designers to act as their ambassadors. To kick off the annual program, Island Batik Ambassadors are sent a box filled with goodies to help them create monthly projects. For 2019, we decided to join in on the fun and collaborated with Island Batik to help these artists build truly awesome work.


We sent the ambassadors the Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System, which includes:


And let's just say, they were excited. Take a look at these quotes and unboxing videos for a few reactions. Don't forget to follow each ambassador to see what they make this year!


Jennifer Fulton, the Inquiring Quilter

“We were each sent an AccuQuilt GO! cutter. With this, I’m going to be able to design quilts and cut them in minutes. This is really, really, really cool!

"I didn’t know this, but there is an AccuQuilt app that you can use to keep track of AccuQuilt products you have… Am I going to be installing this? Heck yeah!”


“So let me ask you: is this the ultimate fabric cutting system? I have to say, ‘heck yes!’ Ready. Set. GO! I can’t wait to use my AccuQuilt GO! cutter with my Island Batiks to design some new quilts for you!”


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Connie Kauffman of Kauffman Designs

"What a surprise this was! This box contained the Ready. Set. GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set. These sets are wonderful and contain everything you need to get started… This block set is pretty great- you'll be hearing more about all of this during the year.”


Find Connie on Kauffman Designs Blog.



Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams

“This is awesome. This is amazing. I can’t even believe this. What an awesome day!”


Find Kim on the Persimon Dreams Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.



Barb Gaddy of Bejeweled Quilts

“Can I say double excited? I had the eyes of an owl when I saw [the Ready. Set. GO!] box. I was so excited that I immediately started playing. To be honest, I was not familiar with the Qube and was not that interested until I got one. All I can say is that it makes it so much easier to piece. I don't consider myself to be that great of a piecer but this Qube has made it simple and easy. So, I kept playing and playing. I played in my sleep. I played all day! And played all night until I came up with this:”



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Vicki Schlimmer of Vicki's Crafts and Quilting

"I just couldn't believe it! There might have been a little shouting and happy dancing going on that day.”


Find Vicki on Vicki's Crafts and Quilting Blog.



Jackie O'Brien of If these Threads Could Talk

“Holy cow! We got an AccuQuilt GO! cutter. This is a fabulous gift and so generous. And with it the GO! Qube and in this Qube, there are all these dies. With these dies, I can mix and match and make all 8” blocks. I can’t wait to use that! And a quilt book comes with it.


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Dione Gardner-Stephen of Clever Chameleon

“The AccuQuilt GO! Cutter Fabric System coming to me contains a GO! QUBE Mix and Match 8″ set, which is a collection of 8 dies of shapes commonly used to make 8″ finished quilt blocks! Including the blocks of my turtle quilt that I want to remake and pattern up. When I realised this, and found out one will be headed my way, I nearly cried. Did I mention that time is a thing I am often pressed for? Yes? Well, this collection is essentially a package of time credits. I might yet cry when I get to touch it, lol.”


Find Dione on the Clever Chameleon Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Carla Henton of Creatin' in the Sticks

"Oh my goodness. I had to try this out right away."



Find Carla on the Creatin' in the Sticks blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Denise Looney at For the Love of Geese

"The GO! Qube would have made the Burgoyne Surrounded aka Vertigo quilt so pleasurable making. There is nothing I dislike more than wasting precious time cutting fabric. I predict this will be one of 2 favorite tools in my sewing room.


Find Denise on the For the Love of Geese Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Bill Locke of Studio Bill Locke

“Check out how compact it is! You can just fold it up for storage…how much easier is this going to be for cutting the fabrics than with a rotary cutter. You know, this came with a lot of dies! I’m going to have to go place an order for even more because this is going to be one of those tools I’m going to appreciate greatly.

“This is – I’m like a kid at Christmas. This is unbelievable!”


Find Bill on the Studio Bill Locke Blog, InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter.



Jennifer Thomas at Curlicue Creations

“Look at this beautiful GO! Qube block pattern book by Eleanor Burns. I've already peeked inside this book. It's wonderful. There are patterns and directions to sew a bevy of traditional style quilt blocks in here. I'm excited to get started… I feel super spoiled and ready to sew!


Find Jennifer at the Curlicue Creations Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.



Jennifer Strauser of Dizzy Quilter

“We were sent an AccuQuilt cutter. I unboxed this yesterday when it arrived because I have almost no self-control. I shrieked and dogs were barking in the neighborhood.”


“I can assure you I will be running downstairs and playing with [the 8” Qube] in about 10 minutes.” 



Find Jennifer on the Dizzy Quilter Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Joan Kawano of Moosestash Quilting

“You would think we are done, but there was one more box!

This one that came, was quite a shock!

It's nothing I ordered, oh what do I do?

Then I danced with joy, when I hear 'Accuquilt' sent out a few!”


Find Joan on the Moosestash Quilting Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Pamela Boatright of Pamela Quilts

“And what an awesome surprise to receive the Ready. Set. GO! cutting system from AccuQuilt - I've already put it to use in making my first project for Project Quilting and I know I am going to be using this a lot this year.”


Find Pamela on the Pamela Quilts Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



Gene Black at Gene Black Art

“This has all sorts of neat stuff in it. Oh, I’m excited!”


Find Gene on the Gene Black BlogFacebook and Pinterest.



Joanne Hart of Unicorn Hart

"This machine comes with it own little dust bag! also inside the box was the 8″ GO! Qube, with a bunch of different sized dies, a 2.5″ Strip Cutter die and a pattern book. This machine literally cuts the perfect square/half square triangle and I can't wait to play with this some more!"



Find Joanne on the Unicorn Hart blog, Instagram and Facebook.



Anne Wiens of Seams like a Plan

“I’ll admit, I did a little schoolgirl hopping and squealing. I’ve been a fan of AccuQuilt from the beginning."


Find Anne on the Seams like a Plan blog and Facebook.



Vasudha Govindan of Storied Quilts

“A complete Ready. Set. GO! system from AccuQuilt! I had never considered using a cutting system but within minutes of trying it out, I’m hooked!”



Find Vasudha on the Storied Quilts Blog, Instagram and Pinterest.



Tish Stemple of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland

"This is perfect for starting out and can literally let the imagination run wild with block making possibilities. I have worked with the GO! Cutter before in attempts to cut my stash into manageable pieces and let me tell you, this is a game changer in block making.”


Find Tish on Tish's Adventures in Wonderland blog, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.



Steph Jacobson of Steph Jacobson Designs

“I’m already a huge fan of AccuQuilt. I use it all the time.”


Find Steph on the Steph Jacobson Design Blog, Instagram and Facebook.



Alison Vermilya of Little Bunny Quilts

"I'm already in love with this machine!"


Find Alison on the Little Bunny Quilts Blog, Instagram and Facebook.


Carolina Assmussen of Carolina Assmussen Designs

"It's awesome, awesome! Thank you!"


Find Carolina on the Carolina Assmussen Website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Becca Fenstermaker of Pretty Piney Quilts

Take a look at what's in the Ready. Set. GO! thanks to this video from Becca!


Find Becca on the Pretty Piney Quilts Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


How many quilts do you have planned this year? Tell us in the comments and be sure to follow the Island Batik Ambassadors! We can guarantee you will see some inspiring ideas and get amazing advice for your own quilting projects.


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