What is AccuQuilt & Why it is Worth the Investment?

Jun 11, 2020 1:25:27 PM / by AccuQuilt

Chances are you're reading this because you've run across an AccuQuilt fabric cutter or die. Whether you're a novice sewist who has read a blog or two or an experienced quilter who shops at one of our retailers, the AccuQuilt fabric cutting system has something for you. 


What is an AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter?

The AccuQuilt is a fabric die cutting system designed to make quilting easier and more enjoyable by providing a safe and efficient way to cut perfect pieces, every time.


How? There are three components or pieces you need – the fabric cutter, the die and the corresponding die mat. Each die has very sharp steel blades that form the shape to be cut. The blades are surrounded by foam so that you can run your hand over the die and not be hurt. To use the die, lay your fabric on top of the die, foam side up, then lay a mat on top of the fabric. GO! dies will cut up to six layers of quilting cotton at a time, while Studio dies will cut up to 10 layers! When the die is put through the cutter, the system compresses the foam, forcing the blades to cut through the fabric and into the mat. Remove the mat to reveal perfectly cut fabric shapes. It’s really that simple, no programming or complicated systems to learn.


The Fabric Cutter:

GO and GO Big pic-1


The Die:



The Cutting Mat:


AccuQuilt has two families of fabric cutters. The GO! family includes three cutters – the original GO! along with the GO! Me and the GO! Big. The GO! and GO! Me are manual cutters, with a handle to turn.

All 3 GO! Cutters-featured-1


The GO! Me is the smallest and lightest cutting, weighing in at approximately 8 lbs and works with dies that are up to 6 inches wide. The smaller size still makes it compatible with over 200 of the GO! dies.


The GO! works with dies that are up to 10 inches wide, meaning it works with almost all GO! dies while still being easy to transport.



The GO! Big is our automatic, electric fabric cutter that completely eliminates the need for any hand crank and guards against physical strain. It has a 14 inch cutting width so not only is it the largest cutter and works with 100% of our GO! dies, it can also cut two 6 inch wide dies at a time.

GO! Big-1


The Studio is a commercial-grade fabric cutter and is the largest in the market. It requires a dedicated space and is built for those who cut fabric often or make 40+ quilts a year. It works with all Studio dies and GO! dies (with the appropriate adapter). 

Studio Cutter-Static-blog


Benefits of Using a Fabric Cutter

Why would someone use an AQ cutter? What are the benefits?

  • Saves time
  • Provides more accurate pieces
  • Lowers risk of injury
  • Reduces fabric waste


If you are like most quilters, you are wondering exactly why you would need a cutter and how it would enhance your quilting process. The number one thing quilters all want is more time and using a fabric cutter is up to 90% faster than rotary cutting. Plus, since the cutting is left up to your die, your cuts will be accurate every time and safer than rotary cutting. If you are new to quilting, this not only shortens the learning curve, but will make your first quilting project fun and less frustrating. Most of us are quilters because we love sewing and a fabric cutter gets you to that sewing machine faster.


Using the GO! system is great for anyone who has issues with pain associated with traditional cutting methods as well. With accurate cuts every time, you can save fabric by eliminating the need to re-cut your pieces. GO! dies have a ¼” seam allowance for piecing built in and no dog ears to save trimming time.


For appliqué fans, the GO! system is a must! Perfectly pre-cut shapes make any method of appliqué a breeze. Machine embroidery is a snap with free embroidery downloads for all non-designer shapes.


What to Buy and Where to Start

The AccuQuilt cutting system can seem a little intimidating at first, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to buy. We’ll walk you through our recommendations for those new to our products, but remember, you can also visit one of our signature dealers to demo our fabric cutters firsthand while getting advice from actual AccuQuilt users.


First up, let’s talk fabric cutters. Before choosing from our three (four) fabric cutters, consider your space and sewing habits. Ask questions like:

  • What types of projects are you creating? Appliqué? Piecing? Crafting? Home décor?
  • How often are you sewing/quilting?
  • Where do you work?
  • Do you need your fabric cutter to be easy to move?


Knowing which cutter will work best for you and your needs will open up a world of shopping possibilities. We’ve created fabric cutter starter sets to help ensure you have everything you need to begin your AccuQuilt journey.




GO! Fabric Cutter Sets

We love the Ready. Set. GO! for those who want a manual fabric cutter and any of the GO! Big Just Add Fabric Starter Packs for those looking to buy our electric cutter. Why are these sets the best? Both include a GO! Qube Mix & Match Block and one of our GO! Strip Cutter dies, which we consider essentials for customers.

Ready. Set. GO!


If you want to ease into AccuQuilt, here are the products we think are most worth the investment early on.


GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks

The GO! Qube Mix & Match block system is a great way to get started. Each Qube features eight different shapes that will work together to make over 72 different quilt blocks. Qubes come in five different finished block sizes – 6”, 8”, 9” 10” and 12”. The eight shapes are the same in each Qube, just in different sizes, so every GO! Qube quilt pattern can be made with any GO! Qube block size.


Speaking of patterns, each GO! Qube Mix & Match also includes free patterns, a cutting mat and a directional DVD to help you get started. You will also receive a wonderful book by renowned quilter Eleanor Burns titled “GO! Qube” which will serve as a road map to get you quilting with the GO! system.



Strip Cutters

Our most popular die cuts 2 ½” fabric strips, and it’s one every GO! owner should have. This die will allow you to cut perfect binding for a queen size quilt in just one pass – how’s that for saving time? But wait, as they say, there’s more! Our strip dies have angled guidelines screenprinted on the foam so you can also make squares and diamonds with the same die. 


If you are an experienced quilter you may have built up a great collection of fabric. Think about putting all that fabric you love to good use. Using the GO! Qube block system can be a great way to “bust your stash”. Imagine cutting the scraps from each project you make into shapes that will all work together. Maybe you like to use pre-cuts in your projects, GO! has dies to match all the basic pre-cut sizes to cut up your yardage so you are ready to GO! 


What Next?

AccuQuilt has a wealth of resources available to help you get started including videos, virtual events you can “attend” from home and Signature Retailers located across the country. There’s never been a better time to see how to add joy to your quilting process by experiencing how the GO! helps you cut time so you can quilt more.


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